How to Subscribe and Unsubscribe from FromRome.Info

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Now that FromRome.Info is on a private hosting plan, free from, you will experience a slight change in the emails you can receive if you are subscribed to FromRome.Info.

They will be sent to you for each post which is published, but the email notice will be sent out withing 1 to three hours after the post is published.

If you would like to receive these email notices, simply subscribe with your email using the SUBSCRIBE to FromRome section in the right column of this website. IF YOU USE A MOBILE DEVICE, this will be found below every page at the bottom right before the red Subscribe to YouTube button.

If you wish to unsubscribe at any time, go to the same button and put your email in and unsubscribe.

In each case, you will receive an email confirming the action and asking you to passive accept or reject it.

I will test the system by sending all the subscribers a notice for this post.

Thank you for Subscribing to FromRome.Info, and for your patience during this transition.

PLEASE TAKE NOTE:  When you subscribe YOU WILL receive an EMAIL confirmation. If you do not,  check your SPAM folder.  And if you do not find it there, that means your email company is BLOCKING FromRome.Info.  Use a different email company to subscribe again, and try again. Then repeat these steps if it happens again.

8 thoughts on “How to Subscribe and Unsubscribe from FromRome.Info”

  1. Your site is still not accepting comments. Keeps saying I have already commented when I haven’t. There is obviously still some dorting out to do.

    1. I hope this is not the case, but what you are experiencing may be simpily the reaction to pressing the submit key more than once.

  2. I’ve subscribed 3x using Gmail accounts and Outlook. Haven’t received any notifications of new posts since you changed over. Nothing in spam. Should I just wait to try and subscribe when you’re able to upgrade to the other server?

    1. Gmail is sending notices that it has blocked FromRome.Info as a spammer. This is part of their globalist agenda. Hotmail is also doing it. Get another email, as you are already being censored.’s notices WERE NEVER banned when FromRome.Info was hosted by WordPress (Globalist collective). It’s all part of the Great Reset.

      1. Well, at least the Gmail account I used to comment above allowed me to receive your follow-up comment. If Gmail, Hotmail and Outlook are blocking people from subscribing to new posts, do you know which email company will work? Does FromRome.Info have RSS capability?

      2. Maybe the key is to actually make a comment, because I checked the box: “Check here to Subscribe to notifications for new posts”, and have received one notification (so far) to my Gmail acct. of a new post.

        (And thanks – I’ve never used RSS, just that it was suggested to me when someone else moved their site, and there wasn’t an option at all to subscribe.)

      3. When you subscribe at FromRome.Info, the website sends you a confirmation email. That email is being blocked by Gmail for many, with the notice, “Other users have flagged this email as spam”. Check you spam folder and white list

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