Who is Regina Einig? of the Die Tagespost

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

As we await the publication of the text of the alleged interview of Pope Benedict XVI, it will be good to learn something more about Regina Einig, from her previous work. Click this image to read Mr. Louie Verrecchio‘s comments on her interview of Monsignor Fellay. — Those who live in Germany and know more, are invited to leave comments below and add to our knowledge of Mrs. Einig.

CREDITS: The screen shot is from AKACatholic.com, Mr. Verrecchio’s website. The Featured Image is from the author page of Regina Einig at the Die Tagespost. Therein we read this short bio:

Regina Einig (born 1970) worked as a translator (French and Spanish) and for the Catholic television station EWTN Germany after studying applied linguistics in Cologne. In 2002, she moved to the “Tagespost”. Since 2005, she has headed the “Kirche aktuell” department. In addition to topics relating to the universal church, she also writes regularly in the area of education.

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