Globalist Government moves to suppress Catholic Faith in Italy

Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

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However, can report that this is mostly a last vain attempt of the Globalists to push the Scamdemic. Police are not ticketing anyone, just asking for a paper with an excuse for traveling. So it is a toothless tiger.

I still go out every day and to whatever I want and no one stops me. I will continue to do so. The armed forces obey the government by going out, but not by enforcing the lockdown measures with zeal.  After all, they cannot arrest everyone.

And it is now obvious, by this 3 day measure designed expressly to suppress Easter, that the government has no interest in a Pandemic but every interest in suppressing Christianity. And that does not sit well with Italian armed forces, which though they are not particularly devout, all have some relative who is.

Dissent is growing among the armed forces. And now there are rumors that a military coup d’etat is being seriously considered in many quarters. Italians are fed up.

Remembering a great Sorrow: 81st Anniversary of the Katyn Massacre

25,000 Poles, Ukrainians, Lithuanians and Belorussians were murdered by the Soviets in the forests of west of Smolensk, beginning in the spring of 1940. This number included countless Catholic and Orthodox Polish Military Officers, including Catholic chaplains. — It was perpetrated by the Soviets to exterminate the intelligentia of Eastern Poland, which had been betrayed to them by Adolf Hitler.

Click the image below to learn more about this tragedy of which the Church in the West, alas, has remained so silent, that most of us have never heard of it.

The Truth alone, in our age, can set you free!

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

There are countless networks of control which have all pulled Catholics to recognize Bergoglio as the Pope, and make Catholics tolerate, worship, adore, praise and get along with him, even though he is the most outrageous heretic, apostate, and schismatic which has ever stained the Episcopal dignity in the 2000 year history of the Church.

But these networks are making Catholics become psychotic, because they are insisting by the pressure of public humiliation that Catholics live according to lies, rather than according to the truth.

Now, for those Catholics who think they believe that Bergoglio is the pope, I ask them, to recognize that human faith in others who say Bergoglio is the pope is a faith which is fallible. It can fail and you can be led into error by it.

Many Catholics think like this:  All the Cardinals and nearly all the Bishop hold Bergoglio to be the Pope, therefore, I must also, or therefore, he is the pope in the official sense.

But I ask these Catholics to ask themselves, “Why do all the Cardinals and nearly all the bishops think this?” — Do they have special secret knowledge of the matter, that you do not or cannot have?

If they do, why does Cardinal Burke, to discount the doubts, say things like, “I think it would be hard to prove that Benedict did not intend to resign”.  That is not a statement by someone who has certain knowledge. It is a statement by someone who has not even spoken with Pope Benedict XVI about it!

And in fact, No Bishop and No Cardinal has ever publicly claimed to have asked Pope Benedict XVI whether he ever intended to accomplish a papal resignation according to the norm of canon 332!

So it is incredible that any Catholic believes them in anything.

But it is even more incredible, if you consider, that they are demanding that you believe them when they say that the Resignation of ministerium effects a resignation of office, when at the same time they do nothing to stop Bergoglio from blaspheming, uttering heresy, and suppressing the Catholic religion in every way possible on a daily basis?

I mean, to say, DO YOU THINK IT IS REASONABLE to believe such men will tell you the truth, when they won’t even take action to defend the Divinity of Jesus Christ or the Virginity of the Blessed Virgin from the foul mouth of that Argentine?

It is not reasonable. Yea, it is psychotic. Because to hold that such men should be heard –when they will not hear the Word of God which urges pastors to act and condemn error, heresy and public sinner — is to live in another reality, to live a lie. And that is psychosis.

Christ Jesus taught us, “The truth will set you free!”

Lies are chains of slavery.

Evil and wicked men cannot bind you except with lies.

Break free from the lies and live the Catholic Faith.

If you have not that courage, you have not yet begun to live as a Catholic.

FromRome.Info needs your help to improve its server

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The transition to a private server had its problems and outages. But now that is free from Automatic Inc ( it is clear that the traffic generated by its loyal and daily readership is exceeding the current plan at its hosting company, which is a shared hosting plan.


Currently, you can see the site is very slow. It allows only 200 readers per hour. But FromRome. Info in the last year had regularly 500 readers per hour and a max of 4500 per hour.

As for email, those who subscribe to FromRome.Info expect an email notification for each post. But since there are 750 subscribers, and the limit on emails currently is 600 per hour, I cannot send notifications for all.

For that reason, several readers have written me and suggested I hold a fund raiser to make FromRome.Info faster and more accommodating.


To move to a dedicated server which would give 16x more memory allocation and unlimited email

I have found what looks to be a suitable dedicated hosting plan, which gives this 16x increase on readership and unlimited email.  But it will cost $720 if I purchase two years of service in advance. If I only purchase 1 year in advance, I will have to pay $480. So there is a savings of $240 if I purchase 2 years at a time. The advantage of the company I am using is, that if further upgrades are needed in the future, they will credit the entire remaining sum to the newer plan. Unlike Automatic Inc. which stole the outstanding balance.

The resulting increase of cost, as you can see is between $1 and $1.50 per day. The only difficulty is that it has to be payed in advance, because if I only pay monthly they want $3 per day.

So if you would like to help FromRome.Info improve the technical side of its service to you, please consider making a donation here:

THANK YOU ONE AND ALL for all that you make possible here at FromRome.Info!


CREDITS: A  photo of Br. Bugnolo translating Bonaventure’s Commentary on his Third Book of Sentences, back in 2013, when he was a student at the Pontifical Faculty of St. Bonaventure, here at Rome. That computer and habit have long ago seen their day, but scriptum manet.