The Truth alone, in our age, can set you free!

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

There are countless networks of control which have all pulled Catholics to recognize Bergoglio as the Pope, and make Catholics tolerate, worship, adore, praise and get along with him, even though he is the most outrageous heretic, apostate, and schismatic which has ever stained the Episcopal dignity in the 2000 year history of the Church.

But these networks are making Catholics become psychotic, because they are insisting by the pressure of public humiliation that Catholics live according to lies, rather than according to the truth.

Now, for those Catholics who think they believe that Bergoglio is the pope, I ask them, to recognize that human faith in others who say Bergoglio is the pope is a faith which is fallible. It can fail and you can be led into error by it.

Many Catholics think like this:  All the Cardinals and nearly all the Bishop hold Bergoglio to be the Pope, therefore, I must also, or therefore, he is the pope in the official sense.

But I ask these Catholics to ask themselves, “Why do all the Cardinals and nearly all the bishops think this?” — Do they have special secret knowledge of the matter, that you do not or cannot have?

If they do, why does Cardinal Burke, to discount the doubts, say things like, “I think it would be hard to prove that Benedict did not intend to resign”.  That is not a statement by someone who has certain knowledge. It is a statement by someone who has not even spoken with Pope Benedict XVI about it!

And in fact, No Bishop and No Cardinal has ever publicly claimed to have asked Pope Benedict XVI whether he ever intended to accomplish a papal resignation according to the norm of canon 332!

So it is incredible that any Catholic believes them in anything.

But it is even more incredible, if you consider, that they are demanding that you believe them when they say that the Resignation of ministerium effects a resignation of office, when at the same time they do nothing to stop Bergoglio from blaspheming, uttering heresy, and suppressing the Catholic religion in every way possible on a daily basis?

I mean, to say, DO YOU THINK IT IS REASONABLE to believe such men will tell you the truth, when they won’t even take action to defend the Divinity of Jesus Christ or the Virginity of the Blessed Virgin from the foul mouth of that Argentine?

It is not reasonable. Yea, it is psychotic. Because to hold that such men should be heard –when they will not hear the Word of God which urges pastors to act and condemn error, heresy and public sinner — is to live in another reality, to live a lie. And that is psychosis.

Christ Jesus taught us, “The truth will set you free!”

Lies are chains of slavery.

Evil and wicked men cannot bind you except with lies.

Break free from the lies and live the Catholic Faith.

If you have not that courage, you have not yet begun to live as a Catholic.

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4 thoughts on “The Truth alone, in our age, can set you free!”

  1. How can Catholics “break fee” from this Apostasy when the entire prelature won’t? They are the ones with the power to call a council & finally denounce Jorge Bergoglio whom they & St. Gallen Mafia put in the PO by ignoring Canon Law in both PBXVI’s Resignation & the Election of Jorge Borgoglio, also with the aid of an extra vote that has never been explained & by ignoring PJPII’s Rules on Papal Elections. As his presence in the PO is entirely false it shouldn’t even take a council to expose him but pride gets in their way of admitting they were duped.

    This all goes back to VII & the complete annihilation of the liturgy “I am convinced that the Crisis in the Church that we are experiencing to-day is, to a large extent, due to the disintegration of the liturgy.” PBXVI. Yet Pope benedict took a leading role in VII & when he became Pope did not mandate TLM worldwide but took the easy way out & left it up to NO Bishops & clergy to decide, which has caused huge disunity. Neither did he consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of the BVM or reveal in full the Third Secret of Fatima. Now he is speechless while the worst actions of apostasy are taking place – “IN THIS SUPREME MOMENT OF NEED OF THE CHURCH, THE ONE WHO SHOULD SPEAK WILL FALL SILENT! Our Lady of Good Success.

    I pray every day that PBXVI will break his silence & confirm what he meant when he resigned in the way he did. On the one hand he says he is the Pope while on the other hand he acknowledges Francis. For the sake of all of us trying to cling to the Faith of Our Fathers is he or is he not the Pope & Vicar of Christ of the OHCA Church?

  2. The greater our human failure, the greater will God’s glory will be revealed when this trial ends. Persevere in Truth and be faithful to your station in life. You are here in this time of tribulation because God has provided for this winnowing.

  3. Bishop Richard Williamson had stated when asked about the significance of Benedict’s semi-resignation:

    “I think that he (Benedict XVI) was pushed… HE SEMI-RESIGNED… HE DIDN’T COMPLETELY RESIGN, HE SEMI-RESIGNED… he made way for another pope to take his place… but he kept, nevertheless, the white habit, HE KEPT VARIOUS THINGS OF THE PAPACY…”

    Ref: December 2017 interview with Bishop Williamson (“Bishop Richard Williamson on the Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show”

    The question will be:

    Is the semi-resignation of Pope Benedict XVI (by retaining the petrine OFFICE) valid?

    1. That is a confused question. The real question is, whether the renunciation of ministry effects a renunciation of office. And the answer, Canon Law itself gives us, in canon 1331, where it forbids an excommunciate from holding dignity, office or munus, but not from exercising a public ministry.

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