Pope Benedict XVI’s Renunciation: The complete unrefuted documentary series

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First Published, Easter 2020 A. D.

On Pope Benedict XVI’s Renunciation

The Facts, the Laws & the Consequences

Screenshot_2020-04-14 Pope Benedict XVI's Renunciation -- the Documentary

The click the image above to go to the Playlist, where you can watch in order all 7 of the 20-30 minute episodes.

This documentary demonstrates conclusively and from all the public evidence, that Pope Benedict XVI is still the Pope and that the College of Cardinals is involved in a conspiracy against him.

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2 thoughts on “Pope Benedict XVI’s Renunciation: The complete unrefuted documentary series”

  1. Thank you, Br Bugnolo, for reposting this information and making it more easily accessible for sharing with others.

  2. Our present line-up of Cardinals have long ago handed over their red zucchettos to Satan – at VII in fact. We can no longer believe or trust in them but they technically still hold the power to elect one of their own to the Papacy & also to denounce him as a heretic & fraud. The first they willingly did in compliance with NWO St. Gallen Group (Mafia), the latter they will not budge on, whether or not they actually voted for Bergoglio. They are completely compromised & have written their spiritual death warrants.

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