To what levels of idiocy do pro-Bergoglians have to descend…?

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Just last week, Aldo Maria Valli published an interview with Archbishop Viganò, in which the latter while admitting that Benedict’s renunciation might be purposefully invalid, railed at Catholics who dared to say it was in public, since this pertained only to the highest authority of the Church.

What authority would that be, I ask, in the case of two popes, both of which have supports who claim they are the sole highest authority?  Nay, I do  not think Viganò has convinced anyone with his argumentation, except in regard to doubting his honestly. For he has basically told everyone to shut up and hold their tongues, since THEY are dividing the Church!

They are diving the Church.

While the most heretical, apostate, blasphemous, sacrilege occupies the Vatican and prances before the world as the Vicar of the Immaculate Lamb of God, selling tens of millions of Catholics in China to death and shutting all the Churches of the world, last year, and making a mockery of the Mass with the mask, communion in the hand and changes to the Our Father and Canon!

But according to Viganò, it is Catholics who say, “Wait a moment, Benedicct did not fulfil canon 332!”, who are dividing the Church?

The Archbishop has flipped morality and theology on its head. He has called black “white” and white “black”.

As for Viganò, he had run a full lap round the track: he began by calling for Bergoglio to resign over the pedophilia crisis, and he has ended telling Catholics, who follow Canon law and recognize he is not the pope, to shut up.

I can summarize the debate on who is pope very succinctly.

The Catholic Party has won, when its opponents resort to publishing the letters if idiots to defend their position, when they try to defend it, at all.


RETRACTION: In the previous issue of this post, I took issue with an anonymous letter writter at Aldo Mario Valli’s blog and with Valli for publishing it. But being informed by an native speaker of Italian with a high verbal comprehension, I withdraw my remarks, since rather than approving of Catholics who hold Bergoglio cannot be a heretic except when speaking ex cathedra, he was mocking them. — My apologies to him and to Aldo Maria Valli.