To what levels of idiocy do pro-Bergoglians have to descend…?

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Just last week, Aldo Maria Valli published an interview with Archbishop Viganò, in which the latter while admitting that Benedict’s renunciation might be purposefully invalid, railed at Catholics who dared to say it was in public, since this pertained only to the highest authority of the Church.

What authority would that be, I ask, in the case of two popes, both of which have supports who claim they are the sole highest authority?  Nay, I do  not think Viganò has convinced anyone with his argumentation, except in regard to doubting his honestly. For he has basically told everyone to shut up and hold their tongues, since THEY are dividing the Church!

They are diving the Church.

While the most heretical, apostate, blasphemous, sacrilege occupies the Vatican and prances before the world as the Vicar of the Immaculate Lamb of God, selling tens of millions of Catholics in China to death and shutting all the Churches of the world, last year, and making a mockery of the Mass with the mask, communion in the hand and changes to the Our Father and Canon!

But according to Viganò, it is Catholics who say, “Wait a moment, Benedicct did not fulfil canon 332!”, who are dividing the Church?

The Archbishop has flipped morality and theology on its head. He has called black “white” and white “black”.

As for Viganò, he had run a full lap round the track: he began by calling for Bergoglio to resign over the pedophilia crisis, and he has ended telling Catholics, who follow Canon law and recognize he is not the pope, to shut up.

I can summarize the debate on who is pope very succinctly.

The Catholic Party has won, when its opponents resort to publishing the letters if idiots to defend their position, when they try to defend it, at all.


RETRACTION: In the previous issue of this post, I took issue with an anonymous letter writter at Aldo Mario Valli’s blog and with Valli for publishing it. But being informed by an native speaker of Italian with a high verbal comprehension, I withdraw my remarks, since rather than approving of Catholics who hold Bergoglio cannot be a heretic except when speaking ex cathedra, he was mocking them. — My apologies to him and to Aldo Maria Valli.

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6 thoughts on “To what levels of idiocy do pro-Bergoglians have to descend…?”

  1. Francis the Destroyer, Apostate & ikely the biblical False Prophet is the leader of the Ape Church usurper of the PO from PBXVI who is our Pope but, unforftunately for us, a silent one. Every day gets us nearer to the predicted destruction of Rome & two men in white (one the Pope, the other a Bishop in White), slowly walking over dead bodies & ascending one of the seven hills in Rome followed by prelates, priests & nuns to be met by Angels shooting arrows & St. Michael with his sword. May this prediction come quickly.

    We need a vocal Pope, a much younger man, who will show the strength, courage & holiness necessary for the Pontifical Office & not pander to False Ecumenism. There is simply no room for Idolatry, Perversion, Blasphemy, Sacrilege, Sodomy, IOR criminal dealings etc. in the OHCA Church, so therefore there is no room either for Francis the Destroyer & his troop of outrageous sodomite followers.

    1. The silence of our Holy Father PPBXVI is eloquent! Sometimes silence is louder than the clanging cacophonic confusion of a multitude of voices. Thus have we been spurred to do our own critical thinking, to investigate and dig up the truth—profound thanks to Brother Bugnolo and others. Now, it is our glorious mission to do battle with the enemies of God, defend our long suffering Papa, and rebuild the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church!

  2. Our Lord’s Prophecy to the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta on January 5, 1901:
    V4 – 1.5.01 – “My Daughter, how much men offend Me – but the time will come when I will Chastise them in Such a Way that many little worms will come out, which will produce clouds of mosquitoes that will render them greatly oppressed. Then, afterwards, the Pope will come out.” And I: ‘And why will the Pope come out?’ And He: “He will come out to console the peoples, because, oppressed, tired, crushed, betrayed by so many lies, they themselves will look for the Harbor of Truth, and all humiliated, they will ask the Holy Father to come into their midst to free them from so many evils and place them in the Harbor of Safety.”

    Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger – Pope Benedict XVI – chose as his Episcopal Motto: “Cooperators of the Truth”. He himself explained why: “On the one hand I saw it as the relation between my previous task as professor and my new mission. In spite of different approaches, what was involved, and continued to be so, was following the Truth and being at its service. On the other hand, I chose that motto because in today’s world the theme of Truth is omitted almost entirely, as something too great for man, and yet everything collapses if Truth is missing.”

  3. Vigano’s argument is essentially that the implications of the false Bergoglian papacy are so catastrophic for the institutional church as we know it that we daren’t imagine it to be so. But truths that are uncomfortable are not for that reason false.

    The very problem is that the one who pretends to be the highest authority is not. Therefore, it is not a solution to claim that the thing that is disputed should be the means by which we resolve the dispute. It is an inadequate solution for the magnitude of the present crisis.

    The very essence of the problem is that we have an IMPOSTOR “highest authority of the Church.” Just as the Passion of Christ separated the ecclesia of the New Israel from the ecclesia of the Sanhedrin that had become corrupted, so now the Passion of the Church must separate the ecclesia of the true Church from the ecclesia of the institution that has been infiltrated. It would appear that this is in some way will be the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

    Peter Seewald asked Benedict XVI in his “Last Testament”: “Do you see yourself as the last Pope of an old era or the first pope of a new era?” Benedict XVI replied: “I would say both. I don’t belong to the old world any more, but the new world isn’t really here yet….Seismic upheavals are now underway. But we do not yet know at which precise point we can say that there begins one, and there another.”

    Qui habet aures audiendi audiat.

    1. Contrast that lunacy with the truth Our Lord Jesus spoke to Maria Valtorta:

      “Jesus says:
      «Dreadful, but not useless. Too many people think that Judas did something of little importance. Some even go to the extent of saying that he is well deserving, because Redemption would not have taken place without him, and that he is therefore justified in the eyes of God.
      I solemnly tell you that, if Hell did not already exist and was not perfect in its torments, it would have been created even more dreadful and eternal for Judas, because of all sinners and damned souls, he is the most damned and the biggest sinner, and throughout eternity there will be no mitigation of his sentence.» “

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