Petition to depose Bergoglio

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Please note, that in English, “depose” in this context, means “to dethrone”, “to cast down”, “to remove from office”.


CREDITS: The Featured image is a sketch of the Synod of Sutri, held in 1046, when the clergy of Rome deposed 3 false claimants to the papacy.

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6 thoughts on “Petition to depose Bergoglio”

  1. Thank God! Hopefully this will gain momentum before Pachapapa does any more damage.

  2. Bergoglio is a not real Christ’s Vicar!! he is a not real Saint Peter’s successor!!! orthodox catholic people well know about this hypocritical man!!! Bergoglio agree with promote to homosexuality,Transgendersim,indiscretion Abortion!!! so he made Wrong mans to Cardinals,Bishops!! he always ignore to all orthodox catholic people’s voice!! but he saying about tolerance,understand,share hypocritical action!!! .we don’t need to this wrong man..1 seconds!!! I really hope we will get real Pope,Orthodox time..Lord Sacred Heart of Jesus..please protect to our Holy Catholic church..please send to real Pope,Orthodox time..Holy Mary,all Angels and Saints..pray for us..Amen….

  3. Dear brother Alexis Bugnolo
    It would also be good to add to the text of the petition that we want Bergoglio’s past in Argentina to be investigated, since with this it can easily be verified that Bergoglio was even disqualified from becoming a legitimate Catholic pope because already in Argentina he was a heretic public, an apostate and schism who had deviated from the Catholic faith. And the Magisterium of the Catholic Church nullifies and invalidates the election of a heretic to the papacy.

  4. Attenzione! È una truffa. Una petizione che pretende un pagamento in dollari e se non lo fai ed esci, ti segna ugualmente il pagamento non può che essere UNA TRUFFA.

    1. Ipetizioni è un sito gratuito per fare sondaggi e petizioni. Per sostegno IPetitions chiede donazioni. In queste donazione, FromRome.Info ha niente di fare, neanche consente, ma per sottoscrivere la petizione non è proprio necessario di pagare niente. Attenzione perchè il sito è in inglese, e quindi usare cautela e leggere tutto bene prima di premere qualsiasi pulsante.

  5. Please step down as the Vicar of Christ. You have shown you do not believe in the tenets of the One Holy Catholic Apostolic Church. Let someone lead us who does.

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