Tosatti republishes Andrea Cionci’s “Benedict’s Plan B”

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

April 9, 2021 A. D: This morning, Marco Tosatti, one of the most senior Vaticanista here in Italy republished Andrea Cionci’s article on Benedict’s Plan B.  While this may not seem to be newsworthy, it merits nevertheless to be brought to the attention of the English speaking world, which has nearly no newspapers, electronic journals or TV channels who are willing even to speak about the incontrovertible anomalies in the reality of what Benedict XVI did and did not do.

Let Life Site News, The Remnant, National Catholic Register and Catholic Family news take note, and let their readers ask them why they are censoring the news.

Let 1 Peter 5, Dr. Taylor Marshall, Church Militant, EWTN et alia, take note of what Tosatti just did, and let their viewers and readers ask them why they are censoring the news.

In this manner, all these groups, knowingly or not, willingly or not, have been coopted into the narrative control of the Globalist Reset, wherein Bergoglio is the new Messiah and Benedict has betrayed humanity.

All these by remaining silent are running cover for the Bishops in the English speaking world who cling to Bergoglio as the sine qua non of the New Normal.  As a consequence, they make all the lies, frauds, crimes, heresies, apostasies and treacheries of Bergoglio possible. If they protest Bergoglio, it is like the man who protests the Scamdemic while wearing a mask and insisting on the vaccine.

Let them and their readers, followers and viewers meditate on that. In the mean time, they can read Cionci in English at FromRome.Info.

On the contrary, Marco Tosatti has the integrity to allow the facts present themselves and the discussions be aired. That does not mean he agrees with them 100%, but it does show that he is not controlled by globalists.

I publicly call on the media in the English speaking world of Catholics to do the same. It is time to stop calling FromRome.Info “unreliable”. After all projection as a psychological trick, is the tactic of Marxists.


CREDITS: The featured image above is a screenshot of Tosatt’s official blog. Click here to read it in Italian.

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13 thoughts on “Tosatti republishes Andrea Cionci’s “Benedict’s Plan B””

  1. The Catholic Press are like any other MSM – they have questionable ulterior political agendas & will not publish anyone with a different view to their own. This, unfortunately, is what journalism has become.
    Grave & public sinners no longer receive the due penalty of excommunication by Rome, it’s left to the local Bishop who, on the whole, are grave sinners themselves & won’t act & even make public statements underlining this fact. Excommunication must come from the Vatican, just as the recent order disallowing private Masses to be clebrated at the side altars of St. Peter’s Bascilica, with a signature & papal stamp. The CDF response to the blessing of homosexual marriage should also have had a signature & papal stamp for it to be anathematised.

  2. Thank you for calling out these outlets. I was a producer at EWTN in the late 1980s. In those days, we’d have been all over Bergoglio like a steamroller. It’s heartbreaking to see what has happened to the network….

  3. Perfect comparison: The “Recognize and Resist” Bergolio complainers who insist that “we’ve had bad popes before” are the mask-wearing, ‘vaccine’-insisting scamdemic protestors. HA! GREAT visual, Br Bugnolo.

    Life Site News, The Remnant, Church Militant, EWTN, Dr. Taylor Marshall, Catholic Family News, and all the others are part of the “Not-So-Obvious Establishment” described by Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai–the much maligned inventor of Email and candidate against Elizabeth Warren for Senator. He speaks about this Not-So-Obvious foe here (NB he made this presentation in April 2020 BEFORE election fraud ‘unselected’ him–he has an active lawsuit about the weighted-race feature IN the world-wide electronic voting machines. He also identifies Trump as part of the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment): (starting at about 11:50-16:00 when he draws on Our Lord cleansing the Temple as an example of breaking with the “money changers”, i.e. the global elites protected by lawyers who write laws for us and not for them. Then jump to 49 minutes until about the end where he describes the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment.)

    Might this slippery Not-So-Obvious_Establishment also be known as “controlled opposition”?

  4. Does opus Dei have anything to do with the 1 Peter 5, Dr. Taylor Marshall, Church Militant, EWTN, Life Site News, The Remnant, National Catholic Register and Catholic Family news?

    1. Dr. Taylor Marshall was formerly or may be even presently a lay associate of Opus Dei. Opus Dei which got control of the Vatican Press Office under Benedict XVI signed a contract through them to collaborate in staff training programs with EWTN in exchange for exclusive rights to cover the Vatican and it news, early on, in the Pontificate of Pope Benedict XVI. EWTN has purchased the National Catholic Register from the Legionaires of Christ and also owns Catholic News Service. The Remnant is headed by Mr. Matt, a graduate of Christendom College which was founded by two CIA agents, one of whom is a known Skull and Bones Lodge member. It was claimed by Barnhardt that, as much as regards the Catholic Family News, the now relaunched Fatima Center group, received large sum of money after the death of Fr. Gruner to take a different approach and accept and defend Bergoglio’s claim to the papacy. But that may be a rumor.

      1. On LifeSite News’ partnership with FBI veterans in Complicit Clergy, John Whitehead has a few observations on the history of that agency:

        Now, the Westen family of LifeSite News hails from the Cayman Islands. Meyer Lansky moved his money laundering and tax haven operations to the Caymans after he was thrown out of the Bahamas. And, he fled into the arms of the FBI when he fell out of favor with the Israelis over pursuit of Nazi war criminals.

        Has Complicit Clergy gone after Opus Dei with the same zeal? And, what about those Vatican Bank accounts in the Cayman Islands?

    2. Campaign Life Coalition, the umbrella organization over LifeSite News, receives funding from the Opus Dei crowd based at Ernescliff College, University of Toronto. LifeSite began as the website of The Interim newspaper, founded by the Muggeridge family. Patriarch Malcolm Muggeridge was an MI6 officer. MI6 and other European intelligence agencies are the private militia of the Black Nobility. Who is that “interesting Italian gentleman” who cannot be named? And… about that tall young South Tyrolian…

  5. Thank you for your response. It would be very interesting if OMC Radio TV would present a program about opus Dei.

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