USA: Los Angeles Police begin forcibly Vaxxinating the handicapped

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2 thoughts on “USA: Los Angeles Police begin forcibly Vaxxinating the handicapped”

  1. In Ireland those with Special Needs have been administered the Astra Zeneca covid genetic “vaccines” under a secret Coercion Operation by the Health Service Executive called ‘Supporting the ‘Consent’ Process’! And the jabs are being administered without the recipients being told of the potential risks of ADE and other nasty side effects and that the jabs might actually kill them. And the jabs are being administered by strangers and in the absence of a prior crucial and vital screening process to test for antibodies/antigens. Post vaccination there is zero follow up monitoring and the reporting of an adverse reaction to the HPRA (who then report to EMA) is less than straightforward and who then reports the adverse reactions when the person suffering adverse reactions was administered the covid jab by someone anonymous other than their own personal doctor?!
    So how many adverse reactions are going unreported and/or reported late due to unprofessional reporting system?

    The Irish Government has also earmarked the J&J jab for minority groups including the Travellers, the Roma community and the Homeless. That’s gross discrimination, gross social injustice and gross inequality under the guise of positive discrimination. The most vulnerable in society are being taken advantage of and are the first to be experimented upon (or worse still) with untested experimental covid genetic “vaccines”. It’s criminal and immoral!

    Here’s some other relevant articles from Life Site News.

    ‘…“And here’s the real scary part, global medicines regulators like [the U.S. Food and Drug Administration] FDA, the Japanese medicines agency, the European Medicines Agency, have gotten together and announced … since top-up vaccines will be considered so similar to the ones that we have already approved for emergency use authorization, we are not going to require the drug companies to perform any clinical safety studies….’

    ‘….“The variants aren’t different. I call them ‘samiants’… they’re pretty much the same. They’re not different. Therefore, you don’t need a top-up vaccine, so don’t go near any of them.”…’

    ‘…“PLEASE warn every person not to go near top up vaccines. There is absolutely no need to them.

    “As there’s no need for them, yet they’re being made in pharma, and regulators have stood aside (no safety testing), I can only deduce they will be used for nefarious purposes.

    “For example, if someone wished to harm or kill a significant proportion of the world’s population over the next few years, the systems being put in place right now will enable it.

    “It’s my considered view that it is entirely possible that this will be used for massive-scale depopulation.”….’

  2. Carmel, thank you. That’s very frightening! I fear for our population with cognitive disabilities in particular. It will be used for eugenics! May God protect and hide them from this treachery and danger- and may we also protect, hide or defend them – in any way we can!

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