Truth 2.0: A Warning from Rome

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Here is my second Truth Video.  Now that FromRome.Info is an independent media source, I can speak freely in my videos.  My famous video entitled, Truth, which was popularized with the erroneous title, “Priest from Rome warns the world”  or the similar — an went viral with more than 500k visualizations — is now been updated and revised and shortened to about 9 minutes.

Please do not link directly to this video, share this page or download the video and share on channels such as Signal, Telegram, Whatsapp, Line etc.. —  Download size is 43 MB approximately.


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6 thoughts on “Truth 2.0: A Warning from Rome”

  1. The virtue of Obedience is viciously being turned against us. As childre we were told about the necessity of being obedient to our parents & elders, to the police & those with authority over us, i.e. the OHCA Church. Now it seems that this absolute, mindless obedience (without properly informed conscience) is what will cause our downfall if not immediatley stopped. Obedience to an Antipope e.g. False Prophet, to Crypto Jewish anti-Catholic politicians & oligarchs, despots of every description whose hatred for Christ & His followers knows no bounds, must be slayed. Without the elightenment by the Holy Ghost of our police & armed forces & every Catholic praying Rosary Novenas for this intention, it is not likely to happen soon. However, we have Our Lady’s assurance that the Pope will consecrate Russia to Her Immaculate Heart (let’s hope for PBXVI’s courage & sufficient support from enough of the Hierarchy to do so) & that Her Triumph will be unimaginable.

  2. Our Lady will crush the serpent’s head. Not the tail. Not the spine. The head. Consecrate yourself to Our Lady and turn your attention to the head. John Sobieski thrusted directly at the Sultan, and none other. Trench warfare only facilitates genocide.

  3. thank you for speaking out, please please speak about the
    pope approving the evil vaccine, priests are advising their parishes to get it, even ignoring the feotal cells issues it is killing so many. thank you

  4. this has nothing to do with the german Reich or Hitler. Germany tried to stop this from taking over their nation. they were defeated. the bad guys won. we are living in the results of that defeat.

    1. Read Anthony Sutton on who financed and created Hitler, and I think you will discover something you never dreamed of.

  5. To be honest: it is not possible for me to be obedient to those
    who don’t act from their conscience, as most of the self-thought
    People in uniforms who think they should behave in an authoritarian manner lack any authority.
    No person in the world has the right to treat a fellow-human being with disdain, to belittle another person. Every person in the world, born or unborn, is entitled to be treated with dignity.
    Noone in the world is the property of a fellow human being.

    And Klaus Schwab is challenged today to live what he said:
    everyone can be happy without property and with 1200.- p. m..
    He is invited to prove this by going through the experience himself for about 6 years: live without property etc..
    If he is truly happy after these years, without lying about it,
    he can continue to talk about it;
    if not, he has to shut up about it for ever.

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