7 thoughts on “Christian Elliot: 18 Reasons I am not getting the Vaxx”

  1. I agree with all his points but what if the EU brings in compulsory vaccination plus passports not only to allow travel but also to allow banking facilities, buying groceries, petrol, medical appointments/surgeries etc. What are we to do? Literally they are prepared to starve their peoples to death rather than end the attempted genocide & the Vatican supports this.

    1. They do intend to genocide us all. That is why we must start organizing orange revolutions.

    2. We must turn to God, Repent, Pray, and share his Love/Gospel with passion and zeal with others. We the USA, UK, and other nations must stand up to these demons of Satan for if you are vaccinated they own you. As a Christian I cannot go against God and allow Satan’s Vaccine to enter my body. Either it will depopulate the world or turn you into a slave of the Globalists.

  2. In these demonic circumstances surely it is feasible & appropriate (even by Church Law) to burn down all laboratories making these vaccines; also Planned Parenthood & other suppliers? These NWO elite have not themselves been elected to any high office but have bought by their nefarious funds many who have. When mankind is blatantly being put to death by experimental eugenics without their consent & without redress by the families of lost ones & those disfigured by such experiments, then we are entitled to call it an essential response.

    1. The destruction of property of the wicked in Catholic moral teaching is considered licit only as a last resort. Since it is a lot easier to arrest the guilty, there is no need to burn down anything. Remember, that the Globalists want us to redirect our efforts off target because that is all that they need to win. Stay on target.

      1. In order to arrest anyone we have to have our police & armed forces behind us. That, as yet, is not the case & our citizens don’t have arms as is the case in America where they are armed to the teeth. In order to quash this NWO Reset we need leaders & an informed public to arrange for Mass Disobedience, prefereably on the same day, throughout every country in the world. This will take a lot of organising & dedicated leaders to carry it to fruition & also disregard for an Ape Church ‘pope’. It would be a tremendous help if PBXVI wouls speak & carry out the Consecration of Russia which would enable Our Lady’s Triumph to begin. It’s a dreadful insult to Our Blessed Mother that this hasn’t yet been done according to her request & this genocide will continue until it is.

      2. What you say about organization is true. We can wait until they are dragging women and children off to concentration camps, when it will be too late, or we can organize now. The decisions we make this year will determine the fate of humanity.

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