If you do not want to be damned, please admit TODAY that you have been hoodwinked

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The whole Catholic world knows and accepts that Pope Benedict XVI was elected canonically and accepted his election on April 19, 2005 A. D..

And everyone knows that you do not presume that a non-heretical pope is no longer pope, until he dies or has renounced the papacy.

And all Catholics know we are obliged to follow Canon Law.

And if you do not know it by now, I will repeat it for the umpteenth time:  According to Canon 332 §2, the man who is the pope does not renounce the papacy, until he renounces his munus, and renounces that munus freely and in the due manner.

And the whole Catholic world knows that Pope Benedict XVI HAS NEVER RENOUNCED HIS MUNUS.

Therefore, if you were hoodwinked into thinking Benedict XVI is no longer the pope or resigned the papacy, because you watch TV or read websites, but did not know of the points of fact and law I just cited, please have the integrity to admit you were hoodwinked.

Because though a person can fall into error through being fooled or being ignorant, THE DECISION TO REMAIN IN ERROR after the facts have been shown to you, DOES IN FACT constitute a mortal sin of pertinacity in a lie, which merits indubitably ETERNAL DAMNATION.

Tomorrow is the 16th anniversary of the canonical election of Pope Benedict XVI and the 16th anniversary of his ongoing Pontificate.  If you do not want to go to Hell, then join with true Catholics in celebrating it, and stop attending liturgies of those who want or do not fear to go to Hell, naming Bergoglio as the Pope.

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7 thoughts on “If you do not want to be damned, please admit TODAY that you have been hoodwinked”

  1. People are holding on to Cardinals Burke, Sarah, Mueller et al saying that Jorge is the pope, that PBXVI resigned of his own free will & they don’t know why he didn’t remove himself from the Vatican precincts. They have pertinaciously not investigated the coercion of Sankt Gallen Group (Mafia) & declared that such would make his resignation invalid, together with the fact the Latin version, in which he wrote, did not comply with the Canons governing Papal resignations. Neither have they spoken about the election itself not conforming to Canon Law or PJPII’s Rules regarding Papal Elections.

    It would be good if we got to know their reasons for lying & why they would prefer to see PBXVI out of the way rather than call for an imperfect council to remove Jorge the Destroyer False Prophet. How can they sit in their sumptuous apartments living off the faithful waiting for the Church to disintegrate, souls being sold to the CCP, Idolatry, sordid homo-erotic parties being held within the Vatican walls & continue their inaction about this travesty? Have they been blackmailed? Have they lost the faith but cling to their titles? Why don’t they probounce that Jorge should be dropped from the Canon of the Mass as he is not the Vicar of Christ & tghat PBXVI still is Pope & holds the Keys?

    The Ape Church is disintegrating, Catholics the world over have been warned about schism while nothing is being done about it & Jorge obviously wants it to happen so as to bring the NWO godless religion into force. They all must know this & yet prevaricate in their witness to the Truth rather than face facts & rescue what is left of a once vibrant universal God-fearing community.

    None of them are young & will face God soon enough – will this scourge end before that happens? They could at the very least demand the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary & the Third Secret to be revealed in full. They simply are not fit for purpose & decisions must now be made as to the necessity of the Coillege of Cardinals. There were only 12 Apostles – maybe we should revert to that number.

    1. I think the reason that knowledgeable Cardinals do not denounce Bergoglio is that they fear schism in the church more than a passing antipope .
      Their strategy is to “wait until he dies” and trust God will sort out the mess. This strikes lay Catholics like me as false prudence, as Bergoglio has appointed so many bogus Cardinals who will be voting in the next conclave.

      1. If even one bogus Cardinal entered a conclave it would be invalid. And by the way, the Schism already began and they Cardinals are active participants in it. So the idea that by doing nothing they avoid schism is a fat out lie. By doing nothing they support the schism.

      2. What if they die before Bergoglio & he replaces them with more potential anti-popes? Are you prepared for more Pachamama, more & more Chinese Catholics (extended to other areas soon) imprisoned, more secret deals with the CCP & the German infection invading the whole Church? As I’ve stated above, the schism began with VII & these Cardinals are all of that period but could, with God’s grace, see the blatant errors of that ‘Pastoral Council’ & have acted much sooner.

        I know God wins in the end but I’ve always understood that by our prayers & action we could mitigate the damage & bring the whole mess to a conclusion much sooner. I never expected that our entire leadership would abandon us by their silence & do nothing in opening our Churches when this imposter closed them in support of the NWO godless church he hopes to introduce as soon as he can. Every hour that passes brings that scenario closer & closer. It’s past time for action & men must wake-up to that fact or face being Losers in God’s eyes & unworthy to serve Him.

  2. The time to act is NOW! Bergoglio MUST BE OUSTED! There’s a swell of support on all fronts—sooner the better! Lucifer owns Francis! It’s vital to cleanse the Vatican of the stench of SULFER & return to the basics of CANON LAW & traditional values to save the CHURCH OF St, Peter!

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