Time to dump Bitchute, as they begin to block videos to entire nations

By Br. Alexis Bugnolo

I tried to view this video, from Italy, today at Bitchute:

which you can watch by clicking to the image above.

But when I attempted to view the link, I got this screen instead:

The notice says in fine print:  This video is unavailable as its contents have been deemed potentially illegal within your country by our moderation team.

It’s time to dump Bitchute, which pretended to be an independent media company out of the United Kingdom. Bitchute has actively joined in the conspiracy against humanity and should be brought along with the other criminals to Nuremburg 2.0.

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8 thoughts on “Time to dump Bitchute, as they begin to block videos to entire nations”

    1. Your link renders the same result in Hungary: moderation team deems the video potentially illegal. Bitchute is (becoming) the same bullshit as youtube.

    2. I was banned from YouTube on 11.15.20.
      I had no videos, only comments.

      All my thousands of comments were deleted.

      I thought bitchute was the replacement for YouTube. But I was wrong. On 7.06.21 Bitchute banned me as well. My comments were all deleted.

  1. BitChute started doing this nonsense with me last year, they also have a very user unfriendly comments section in addition to a useless search facility. Download the Dissenter Browse which has a built-in VPN & you can view videos or web pages from any source. Don’t let the criminals win.

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