2021 is the Year for Orange Revolution

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The Globalists and the leaders of nearly every nation who serve them have made it absolutely clear that they have no intention in giving up the Scamdemic or turning aside from the Great Reset. They have announced their plans, they admit to their conspiracy. They know they are lying and we know they are lying.

Thus, it is an absolute existential necessity and the greatest human rights issue of our day, that we all collaborate to take down the Globalists and overthrow the dictatorships which have installed themselves in our governments. They do want to genocide and enslave us. Therefore, we have absolute right to arrest them and haul them off to a Nuremberg 2.0.

And for this there are three ways to do this.

First we must pray. As Catholics we know that the victory in this battle was prophesied to us by Our Lady at Quito, Ecuador, in the 16th century, and at Fatima, Portugal, in 1917. We must pray the Rosary daily, asking the Most Holy Trinity for the grace that Russia be consecrated by the true Pope. We must pray and offer sacrifices and fasting for this effort. We must ask our priests to pray with us.

Second, we must not neglect to organize an Orange Revolution in our own country. We can do this by forming what I call, “Orange Circles” of citizens who pledge to work to this end. An Orange Revolution is a peaceful massing of vast numbers of citizens in the capital of one’s nation, demanding the resignation of corrupt leaders and refusing all compliance with their armed forces, while urging all police and military to take the side of the citizens.  Once your government no longer has in its capital the armed forces sufficient to prevent such an action, they will resign or flee. Then the people can declare a new government and new elections. — If you do not know how to organize an Orange Revolution, look up the histories of Orange Revolutions and study the details. It is not difficult.

The Third, and last resort, if the second method fails, citizens must organize armed revolution and proceed to take control of the countryside, village after village and town after town. In the present nonsense of the Scamdemic, the people will give no resistance, as they will be happy to be liberated from tyranny. Police and military will easily go over to the side of the People, in places distant from government power, and mayors may give up without a fight.  Raise more volunteers in every town which is conquered back by the people and march on the next town, village after village, and town after town.

Finally, we must realize that the Internet is the Matrix and it is designed to make us passive. We need to stop being merely repeaters of information, merely obsessed with the latest outrageous news, and start organizing revolution. Otherwise, we are useless opposition, and are only succeeding in putting political targets upon our own foreheads for future arrest.

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2 thoughts on “2021 is the Year for Orange Revolution”

  1. Salve Fra Alexis,
    I agree with you entirely about the internet and how it makes us passive, namely useless opponents. This is the endgame of a wicked plan to lull us and gradually rob us form our Christian faith and culture . They have been working on it for centuries and now after ascertaining that they`ve made zombies out of us, of have emptied our lives of meaning and Logos replacing them with their subversive, judaising ideas, they think they can get away with it all. And indeed they are getting away with it all thanks to our helplessness and passivity. They count on it since it was they who have engineered it all along.

    1. There is little that we who are nobodies can do, but we can appeal to those who have experience in being active. For those of us who have public exposures, however, like journalists, we cannot be involved in the necessary organization because we would compromise the necessary security and anonymity of the groups preparing. Readers of FromeRome.Info need to know that I am already a marked person by the Globalists. All I can do is pray and advocate, and cheer on.

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