Don Minutella: Papa Benedetto XVI, precursore del Gran Prelato

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2 thoughts on “Don Minutella: Papa Benedetto XVI, precursore del Gran Prelato”

  1. I agree. PBXVI will hand over to the Prelate Our Lady advised us Heaven had already appointed as the one who would bring back the spirit of the priesthood & settle all that has gone amiss since VII. If we could only get Cardinals Burke, Sarah etc. to step up to the plate & demand the Consecration of Russia to Her Immaculate Heart, we would see an instant response. Why won’t they? It’s like Lucifer’s “I won’t serve”. They are not stupid & have to know that Jorge is an imposter by now!

    1. They (Trad Inc. & Conservative Inc.) know, they know… and they don’t like that truth.
      “Catholic” cardinals (Burke, Sarah, etc… Viganò is playing a bit different political game) keep calling Francis their “pope” and they look like wishing Benedict XVI buried as soon as possible and in red cassock … no way to get out of Hell that way.

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