3 thoughts on “How to be a Catholic: Episode #2: Why and when does God Protect us?”

  1. “And maybe, just maybe….”

    Abp Vigano will call for the Second Synod of Sutri because he has heard to cries of the faithful, “EXAMINE THE EVIDENCE!! Munus is not ministerium! We see the black-and-white evidence of the letter of the law. What obstacle blinds you?”

    Br Bugnolo, do you know how we might contact Abp Vigano to implore his action on such a synod? I can not find contact information for him.

    1. I do not have it. And if I did, Italian law would prevent me from divulging it without his permission. However, I do not think he is there yet. It will be other ecclesiastics who have been more silent, who will speak first, I think.

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