Basta con lo stato di emergenza!

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One thought on “Basta con lo stato di emergenza!”

  1. This false Emergency will continue until the public at large say Enough is Enough, get on the streets in their droves & begin a huge Civil Disobedience to all Authority – Governments & their Institutions enforcing Abortion, Euthanasia, Freedom of Speech, MSM, Public Schools & Colleges etc. They will need also to include the Ape Church & its leaders – they must be hit hard in order to realise that they don’t own the OHCA Church – Christ Our Saviour does. There must be enforced excommunications on unrepentent public sinners pretending to be Catholic whilst they publicly act against the precepts of the Church with disdain.

    Catholics of all hues will have to forget their political differences & act quickly to ensure the whole world knows we are the true followers of the Mesiah which they have never recognised & submitted to. The Vatican & Episcopates must be exorcised & illegal Bishops & their Usurper ‘pope’ extracted from office. To continue to leave this task undone is to follow Jorge down the path of ‘God desires all religions, & all can get to Heaven by good deeds; the really bad will just disintegrate’ which leads directly to Hell, which in his mind doesn’t exist.

    We cannot afford to continue to backslide on this hoping a new Pope comes along soon. PBXVI is our legitimate Pope & it is miraculous he’s still with us. Get with the picture & may God give us the leaders to ignite the world with the knowledge of what really is happening & that these Marxist Democrats, BLM, German Fascists, Crypto Jewish NWO elites are confronting God’s Authority & they must be met with like force.

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