MI5/CIA Plot to Assassinate anti-Scamdemic leader of Belarus, foiled


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One thought on “MI5/CIA Plot to Assassinate anti-Scamdemic leader of Belarus, foiled”

  1. Czarist Russia saved the American Republic during our Civil War so the thanks we gave them was our elitist Masonic cabal nixed President McKinley’s plan to link Russia to the New World via Alaska. Then not satisfied with their hatred of Catholic Russia these enemies of God funded the Bolshevik overthrow of Russia bringing upon Russia all the horror they endured for over a half century that followed. Now that Putin has taken control of the Russian Federation after the fall of communism and having ousted the Western Bankers, these US elitists want a nuclear war with Russia so we have had an unrelenting barrage of lies about Putin and Russia. So after a CIA funded overthrow of a dully elected Ukrainian president sympathetic to Russia and the installation of their CIA backed Nazi regime, they began initiating assaults on provinces in East Ukraine solidly in sympathy with Russia. Now we have this CIA plot to overthrow Belarus! So do we blame Russia for now taking out some 200 CIA backed terrorists aiming to finish off Syria?? It is so sad to say but if we in America do not throw this BEAST from Hell out of our nation I do not see much hope for our survival. Too many Christians still embrace the Great Whore of Babylon who funds the bloody War machine of the BEAST.

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