Don Minutella interviews Br. Bugnolo, on What will happen when Pope Benedict XVI dies?

ON APRIL 19, 2021
ENTITLED: “Il Papa Vincitore” (Click for original)

(From minute 39.06)

Don Minutella: Praised be Jesus Christ, Brother Alexis!

Brother Alexis: Now and forever, Father!

Don Minutella: You have the floor, dear Brother Alexis! There are 1600 people listening live. Please, Brother Alexis!

Brother Alexis: Peace and goodwill to all of you! — It is a historic day, it is the 16th anniversary of the pontificate of Pope Benedict XVI and we really have to thank God that he gave us the light to see this truth and to recognize it, against all the evil project of the globalists, of the Mafia of St. Gallen and of all these shameful cardinals, bishops, who do not have the character nor the honesty to say that MUNUS is not the MINISTERIUM. — We must follow the words of Jesus and Canon Law. — There are now two churches: the Church of Jesus Christ and the Church of Globalism. — The Church of Jesus Christ is founded on the words that come out of the mouth of the living incarnate God: “What you bind on earth will be bound in heaven”(Mt 18:18). — This has to do with the Code of Law, the laws of the Church. — Those who want another Church, not based on the words of Jesus or the laws of the Church, are not Catholics. We must admit this, confess it, preach it. This is the true Catholic religion!

Don Minutella: That’s exactly right! You, Brother Alexis, will go down in history as the first person who, as an expert canonist, made an absolutely incalculable contribution, in a clear, courageous and honest way, when he developed the well-known theses that I later took up verbatim in my book “Peter, where are you?”, on the Declaratio of Benedict XVI. Would you like to briefly remind us of these theses?

Brother Alexis: A reigning pope who wants to renounce is obliged to follow Canon 332 §2 …

Canon 332 §2 of the Code of Canon Law provides that the Roman Pontiff may renounce his office. It requires for validity that the renunciation be freely made and that it be duly manifested, it does not, however, require that anyone accept it)

because as the Laws of the Church say at the beginning of the Code, “these laws compel all the faithful of the Roman Rite and especially those for whom they have been published.” Since there is a canon regarding the case of a reigning pope resigning; the man who is reigning must follow the law and obey it unless he grants a dispensation or modification first. Pope Benedict, if he wanted to renounce the papacy in a new way, had to or could have created a new law, a new system of administration but he did not; therefore we must understand what he did according to the norms of Law. –Having renounced the Ministerium and not the Munus, he did not renounce the papacy. This is a bit difficult to understand because of modern language. Ministerium also means office, assignment (in Italian) it is not so in Latin. — In Latin there are two words: Magisterium: it is done by those who have the office. — Ministerium: is done by his servants who help him exercise his office. — So the reigning pope who renounces the Ministerium does nothing more than renounce the things done by Card. Burke, by Card. Sarah and the Roman Curia. It is therefore impossible for this to mean that he has lost the papacy!

Don Minutella: what would you feel like answering to those within the so-called “little remnant” – which then, I share your opinion, should not be called simply “little remnant” but “Catholics” – who ask why Pope Benedict XVI does not say it openly. What do you feel like saying in the face of this provocation?

Brother Alexis: It seems to me that Pope Benedict XVI has spoken clearly. What we need to distinguish is between the Mass Media of the single thought that wants us to force us psychologically to interpret Pope Benedict XVI’s words according to their opinion, and what the words mean in themselves. — In fact, in Pope Benedict XVI’s official autobiography published last year by Peter Seewald “Ein leben”, he specifically said that he never intended to give up the spiritual aspect of the papal office. — All Catholics for 2000 years understand that the papal office is a spiritual thing, it is not physical. So he expressly said that he did not renounce the Munus, he expressly said that he freely renounced the Ministerium. He never said he renounced the Munus or the office. So we must not use what journalists or cardinals say to interpret that, but we must use what is written in the Code of Canon Law, Canon 17:

Can. 17 – Ecclesiastical laws are to be understood according to the proper meaning of the words considered in the text and context; that if they remain doubtful and obscure, recourse is to be had to the parallel places, if there are any, to the purpose and circumstances of the law and to the intention of the legislator.

Don Minutella: Also because there is a coalition among the cardinals, mostly Freemasons, therefore apostates in the faith, who are no longer credible.

Brother Alexis: Yes. — It began in the Garden of Eden at the beginning of the world. Satan and his always try to interpret the words of God, they add other meanings, and this has always been the trick of every tempter, of every devil, so we must understand that the words have an objective sense, we cannot change what is written.

Don Minutella: We are under Heaven, so under the direction of divine providence. Bergoglio could go before Ratzinger, but if instead God had determined that Benedict XVI should die first.  — I this morning reflected about the great prelate or a possible chosen pastor, as happened in the first millennium by the holy people of God, also because a possible conclave is no longer reliable because they are all, or almost all, apostate cardinals — According to you, what could happen for those who have remained Catholic and therefore no longer look to the false Bergoglian church, regarding a pope as leader, as successor of Peter, after Benedict XVI? What can you tell us about that?

Brother Alexis: Upon the death of Pope Benedict, whether or not Bergoglio lives – because Bergoglio has nothing to do with the papacy – the cardinal electors are obliged to convene a conclave to elect his successor but if they don’t, obviously, they are failing in their duty or if they don’t exist because they are in schism with an antipope (as they obviously are) it remains for the Roman Catholic Church to elect his successor, because in the regulations of the Church established by St. Peter it is the Roman Church that has the right to elect St. Peter’s successor.

Don Minutella: So, in a word, the Catholic laity who have remained so connected to Benedict XVI who are from Rome and the surrounding area …

Brother Alexis: Yes, since the method of election has changed. — For example, many do not understand, do not remember and do not know that it has always been the apostolic right of the Roman Church – therefore this law is superior to the ecclesiastical Law but is followed, respected, implemented when the modality established by the Holy Father no longer exists. Under current Canon Law, the only mode of election of the Holy Father is from among the cardinals in a conclave, obviously the cardinals in communion with the Church.

Don Minutella: Note this well!

Brother Alexis: […] the only recourse is what the people, the faithful of the city of Rome and the clergy of Rome who are in communion with Pope Benedict, at the time of his death, have the duty and the right to elect his successor.

Don Minutella: This is very important! Very important for those of you who are listening; Brother Alexis, we are in the order of 1560 people who are listening. So you are saying – as I was saying this morning – and even adding that it is a right as well as a duty, on the part of the Roman Catholics of the city of Rome attached to Pope Benedict to indicate his successor. I wanted to ask if there is a numerical limit for them to do this, or not? I don’t know if the question is clear.

Brother Alexis: If there is no cardinal in communion with the Church or if they are all dead or no one is able to elect because he is too old and a Holy Father dies, even if there is only ONE resident Catholic left (in Rome), baptized in the City, in the diocese of Rome, he will have the right to elect a successor. That’s how Apostolic right works.

Don Minutella: All of us Catholics in union with Pope Benedict, even now we should slowly begin to pray for our friends in Rome, faithful to Pope Benedict, because at this point – should the scenario not change – God destines them for a highly prohibitive mission, we could say.

Brother Alexis: Yes, we can say that. We hope that Bergoglio dies before (Pope Benedict) and the cardinals receive the grace of repentance, of conversion. Let’s say it’s obvious by now that so many are lovers of lies, it will be difficult for the world to recognize the successor of Pope Benedict, because the globalists don’t want him. And perhaps this is what St. Pius X saw when he had a vision of the killing of his successor named Joseph.

Don Minutella: Very much in agreement! Brother Alexis we are reaching stratospheric numbers tonight, maybe it’s also thanks to him, the Minutella-Bugnolo duet is scary! is still alive, can agree among themselves to identify Pope Benedict’s successor. And then technically what should happen?

Brother Alexis: Technically, according to the most prudent interpretation, if the cardinals do not agree in a conclave after 21 days after the death of the Holy Father, they lose entirely the right to elect him even if they are not in schism and then all the clergy of Rome (the incardinated clergy, not the priests or bishops who are guests in Rome from other nations), and all the faithful residing in Rome have the obligation to meet together, discuss, decide and elect. Considering that they have to do all this under Apostolic right, there are no precise laws, so they are not obliged by the rules of the Conclave nor by other canons of Law, except for those excommunicated or in heresy: these cannot vote.

Don Minutella: Brother Alexis, after how many days did you say since the death of the pope? Because then our friends in Rome can memorize it well. How many days after the pope’s death?

Brother Alexis: There are two interpretations. I consider 21 days, because the cardinals must meet before these days. After the 21 days, it is obvious that they are in schism and have not met to make a conclave. If the faithful of Rome do it before the 21 days, the bad cardinals maybe can say something about their right being neglected but after 21 days it is certain. — On where and how they agree, in what manner … the majority will make the decision.  — The other opinion is that they can meet even 3 days later, because it is obvious that these cardinals are in schism, they are apostates and have no interest in recognizing Benedict as Pontiff.

Don Minutella: Clear! And according to you, Brother Alexis, will it be necessary, then, evidently, that once the possible successor of Benedict XVI has been chosen by the Catholics of Rome, who have remained as such, he must necessarily then – I understand – be a bishop, and if he is not a bishop he must receive the three degrees of Holy Orders?

Brother Alexis: Yes, yes! It would be best for the faithful to elect a bishop, and I hope that Bishop Lenga and Gracida will also be taken as witnesses, and in fact clergy from all over the world can come to this conference in communion with Benedict to give advice and witness to the fact. Obviously the best thing would be to elect someone who is already a bishop or at least a priest because it will be a very difficult task …

Don Minutella: A massacrating one! An exhausting one indeed!

Brother Alexis: So it can’t be a young man, but someone who already knows how to comport himself.

Don Minutella: That’s why Catherine Emmerich says that he won’t be less than 50 years old, but not even older, that’s the right age, more or less, because he is not so young, but he is not so old either, because he has a very difficult mission.

Brother Alexis: According to the teaching of Gregory VII, St. Hildebrand, from the moment he accepts his election, becomes the successor of St. Peter. It is necessary, of course, that he be consecrated bishop but it is not necessary that the consecration take place immediately on the same day, it can also be postponed by a few months. The consecration can also be done in a different country, it is not necessary that it be done in Rome, this can happen later, but from the moment of his acceptance to his election he is the successor of St. Peter.

Don Minutella: Fr. Alexis, one last question, this is a personal curiosity of mine, and I will tell you why. Is it mandatory for the successor of Benedict to reside in Rome, or not?

Brother Alexis: No! The elected person must be:

– Catholic;
– male;
– baptized;
– without canonical problems (it seems to me!)
– must be celibate;
– must not be divorced;
– it seems to me he must not have children (unless his wife is dead).

He doesn’t have to be a resident of Rome, in fact so many very good pontiffs were not Roman, it’s not even necessary that the elected person be present; he can be in another part of the world and informed by phone.

Don Minutella: Thank you Friar Alexis, we hope to hear from you again soon, a greeting from these 1670 people live for this very important episode, after all it is the anniversary of the election of Pope Benedict XVI.

Brother Alexis: Salutations to all of you and I am very honored to speak with you, Father, on this beautiful day, on this topic that is very serious and very important.

Don Minutella: Maybe we’ll look into it. Thank you Brother Alexis. The Lord bless you, thank you for your very valuable contribution.  —  Well, my dear listeners, let us conclude this historic installment here. Obviously, dear Catholics, apostolic, Roman, of Rome, linked to Pope Benedict, you are on the tip of your fingers, I don’t know how many you will be, but from this evening you cannot close your eyes anymore. May the Lord’s holy blessing be upon you all.  — In nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti. Amen — Praised be Jesus Christ! Forward with Mary! And in any case, long live the Pope!

Attorney Francesco Scifo: The Italian Government is involved in State Terrorism

Summary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

This video is unreachable on the YouTube platform here in Italy, for those wanting to see it on a desktop. And perhaps will shortly be erased on account of its contents.

In in, Attorney Francesco Scifo, in his capacity as a member of the European Commission for Consumer Protection, at a meeting in the building of the Italian lower House of Parliament, denounces the Scamdemic in Italy as a State Sponsored Terrorist operation, and cites the definition of terrorism from the Italian Penal Code to show that this is exactly what the governments of Giuseppe Conte and Mario Draghi are doing.

Back in 2016, I had predicted that the Left would become a terrorist organization, and it is properly an understatement to say that in 2021.

Attorney Scifo, quotes the Italian Penal Code in section 270bis, which reads:

Art. 270 Bis – Associations for the purposes of terrorism, including international terrorism or subversion of the democratic order (1) (2)

Anyone who promotes, constitutes, organizes, directs or finances associations that propose to carry out acts of violence for the purpose of terrorism or subversion of the democratic order is punished with imprisonment of from seven to fifteen years.

Anyone who participates in such associations is punished with imprisonment of from five to ten years.

For the purposes of criminal law, the purpose of terrorism also applies when the acts of violence are directed against a foreign state, an institution or an international body.

The confiscation of the things that served or were destined to commit the crime and of the things that are the price, the product, the profit or that constitute its use is always obligatory for the convicted person. (3)(4)
1. The provisions of Chapter II of Title I of Book II of the Penal Code or of Articles 284, 285, 286, 306, 438, 439, 605 and 630 of the same code, as well as the commission of crimes for the purposes of terrorism, including international terrorism, are applied to those who, operating in groups or in isolation, carry out objectively significant preparatory acts aimed at subverting the order of the State, with the commission of one of the crimes provided for in Chapter I, Title VI, of Book II of the Penal Code or of Articles 284, 285, 286, 306, 438, 439, 605 and 630 of the same code, as well as the commission of crimes for the purposes of terrorism, including international terrorism. The provisions of Chapter II of Title I of Book I of the Code of anti-mafia laws pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 159 of 6 September 2011 apply, pursuant to the provisions of letter d) of paragraph 1 of article 4 of the same Legislative Decree no. 159/2011.

2. Art. 1, paragraph 3-bis, Law Decree no. 7 of 18 February 2015, converted, with amendments, by Law no. 43 of 17 April 2015, provided that the conviction for the crimes provided for in this article entails the accessory penalty of the loss of parental authority when a minor is involved.

3. This article, added by Article 3, Decree-Law No. 625 of December 15, 1979, converted, with amendments, into Law No. 15 of February 6, 1980, was thus amended by Article 1, Decree-Law No. 374 of October 18, 2001, as amended by Conversion Law No. 438 of December 15, 2001. The pardon granted by Law No. 241 of July 31, 2006 does not apply to the crimes provided for in this paragraph, pursuant to the provisions of Article 1 of the same law. The text of this article in force after the modifications introduced by article 1 of the cited Law Decree no. 374 of 2001 (but before its conversion into law) was as follows: “Associations with the purpose of terrorism and subversion of the democratic order. Anyone who promotes, constitutes, organizes, finances, even indirectly, or directs associations that intend to carry out acts of violence for the purpose of subverting the democratic order is punished with imprisonment of from seven to fifteen years. Anyone who takes part in such associations shall be punished by imprisonment of from five to ten years”.The text in force prior to the modifications introduced by the aforementioned Law Decree no. 374 of 2001 was as follows: “Associations with the purpose of terrorism and subversion of the democratic order. Anyone who promotes, sets up, organizes or directs associations that propose to carry out acts of violence for the purpose of subverting the democratic order shall be punished by imprisonment of from seven to fifteen years.

4. See, also, paragraphs 58 to 62 of art. 2, Law 28 June 2012, no. 92.

Attorney Scifo is filing a criminal complaint against the Government and all the public officials involved.

He has brought these charges to many institutions. The Anti-Corruption Unit refused to investigate on the grounds that they only investigate the people, not the government!

El LIBRO que todos ESPERÁBAMOS: tras esto, FRÍO o CALIENTE


How to purchase the book by Estefannia Acosta Ochoa, on why Pope Benedict is still the Pope?

It is especially intended for priests we have around us who are hesitating.



1. What is the book about, how would you summarize it?
2. Why did you write this book?
3. Who is it primarily intended for?
4. How long did it take you to write it?
5. What previous studies existed on the subject?
6. What repercussion is your book having?
7. Have you suffered any canonical or ecclesiastical sanction?
8. Have you received messages of thanks from any member of the ecclesiastical hierarchy?
9. What are the main arguments against your thesis?
10. Can we say that when Pope Benedict XVI leaves, that there will be a sede vacante?


Italian Government to make Italy a Globalist Gulag after April 26th

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The news yesterday confirmed the darkest fears of “conspiracy theorists” in Italy during the last year.  The Government has passed a new Dictatorial Decree (DPCM) which after April 26, 2021, will make Italy a Globalist Gulag.

In the name of giving back your freedoms, Italians will be forbidden to travel withing the territory of the Italian republic if they do not have a “Green Card” certifying that they have been vaccinated against the Covid-19 and/or have the antibodies showing they have recovered from it. See the featured image above, for the newspaper report.

In return for submitting to attempted suicide via the Vaxx, citi

zens and residents and tourists will be able to visit friends, two by two before May 15, and four by four after. They will also be able to go to restaurants who have tables in the open air and to go to pools.

Without the “Green Card” you will be fined and or taken to a concentration camp.

The consternation, anger, disgust and rage which this new decree has provoked is tremendous. If the government thinks they will get away with this, I believe they are in for a very ugly surprise. Italians hate tyrants.

In the New World Order religion, advocated by Jorge Mario Bergoglio at Donald Trump, in place of sanctification there is now “sanificazione” (being made healthy, or as we would say in English, “sanitized”). I am not joking, as you can see in this photo of a rental car, here at Rome, which I took yesterday. The Green Sticker reads:  Sanificata ogni noleggio (“Sanitized after each rental”).

Andrea Lombardi: YouTube is demonetizing videos as part of an agreement with Big Tech

 Introduction and Summary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Andrea Lombardi is a popular YouTuber in Italy. His channel feature intelligent and very well informed commentary on the daily news which is counter narrative and critical of the pablum of propaganda at all levels. His productions range from documentaries to daily news commentary.

In the last year, Lombardi discovered that YouTube was demonitizing and hiding his productions. For a long time he accepted uncritically what YouTube was telling him, namely, that advertisers did not want their advertisements to be placed during videos on certain topics.

But yesterday, having found a document in which the big Media Giants and Mozilla have openly entered into a racketeering agreement against counter  narrative information publishers, he exploded with anger and exposed the entire affair. He now knows that the censorship has a purpose and it has nothing to do with what advertisers want, but everything to do with the Great Reset.

The original title of Lombari’s report is, “Ecco perché ti demonetizzano i video: ce lo chiede l’Europa!” (Behold! Why they are demonetizing your videos: Europe has asked them!” You can find his channel on YouTube at here.  — I am no expert on how to swear in Italian, but I gather that his language is not to be recommended to children. A friendly warning. at War: The Globalists have unleashed the CyberBeast

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

In the last 24 hours, FromRome.Info has sustained more than 100,000 attacks from a sophisticated cyberwarfare system, believed to be headquartered in the United States, Cyberwarfare unit.  The system is powered by highspeed supercomputers and highly advanced artificial intelligence. The purpose of the attack is to prevent FromRome.Info to publish counter narrative information, i. e., the truth. The attack began shortly after FromRome.Info published a link to Global Research, outing MI5 and the CIA for a plot to assassinate the anti-Scamdemic leader of Belarus.

FromRome.Info is not the only site being attacked. Attacks of this kind are spreading round the world. The leading prolife group in Italy, “Pro Vita e Familiga” has had their web-server attacked similarly in the last month, after they announced their opposition to the proposed law which would make the LGBT inhuman ideology the de facto state religion and state psychosis of the Italian Republic.

The attack against FromRome.Info is attempting to gain entrance to our website by calculating how long and under what conditions the web server of FromRome.Info takes to repell an instruder. For this reason, since the attacks are exceeding 5 per second, FromRome.Info had to turn off the capacity of this site to receive new subscribers and post or allow comments.

I personally suspect that this is the new normal. and that it will never end. It is a very effective way of intimidating independent publishers and to intimidate their hosting companies to drop them as clients. Also it prevents the sites normal functions to grow readership and engage readers in conversation.

Joe Biden just appointed as head of the US Cyber Defense Commission a former CIA agent involved in overthrowing the Catholic government of Vietnam and in destabilizing that country.  My colleague, Andrew Baalman opined to me the other day, that his appointment means a planned and sustained cyber attack on all counter-Globalist websites in the future. It seems he was correct.

However, as I am head of a Catholic Military Order, when guns start firing, I do not freeze with fear, but boil with zeal, and so, I will continue to publish articles through this battle.

I thank all the supporters of FromRome.Info, who recently assisted in the upgrade and move of its server. This is the only reason this site has not yet been taken down and can fight on.

Finally, I ask your prayers, therefore, to Saint Michael the Archangel and to the Lord of Hosts that by his help and His grace I might have victory in this battle.

PLEASE NOTE: That comments have been disabled for security reasons, for the time being.