El LIBRO que todos ESPERÁBAMOS: tras esto, FRÍO o CALIENTE


How to purchase the book by Estefannia Acosta Ochoa, on why Pope Benedict is still the Pope?

It is especially intended for priests we have around us who are hesitating.



1. What is the book about, how would you summarize it?
2. Why did you write this book?
3. Who is it primarily intended for?
4. How long did it take you to write it?
5. What previous studies existed on the subject?
6. What repercussion is your book having?
7. Have you suffered any canonical or ecclesiastical sanction?
8. Have you received messages of thanks from any member of the ecclesiastical hierarchy?
9. What are the main arguments against your thesis?
10. Can we say that when Pope Benedict XVI leaves, that there will be a sede vacante?


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