Faithful flocking to Our Lady

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The faithful of Rome and Italy are flocking to Our Lady at Her ancient Basilica at Rome in record numbers.

Last night 20 came to implore Her in the nightly Perpetual Supplica to Our Lady Salvation of the Roman People.

This nighlty devotion is the only public act of the Church at Rome in communion with Pope Benedict. Catholics have come from as far as the USA, Portugal, Ireland, Germany, Lebanon, Poland and Eritrea to pray to Our Lady in this supplica or perpetual novena. Even Othodox from Russia and Romania have joined in.

I encourage all the faithful wheresoever you be to join us every night at midnight Rome time, praying for the collapse of the church of darkness, led by Bergoglio.


CREDITS: The featured image used with permission.



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5 thoughts on “Faithful flocking to Our Lady”

  1. Fantastic! God bless you all.

    Just wondering how all these people got into Italy during a lockdown. Did they have to quarantine two weeks, or get vaxxed, or test negative at the airport?

  2. BEAUTIFUL!!! Thank you for sharing this enheartening news. May God bless your faithfulness, Br. Bugnolo, and may more pilgrims flock to Our Lady’s Heart.

  3. It is heartening for the laity in Ireland to have Bishop Schneider’s support for their ongoing efforts (ignored by MSM) to publicly recite the rosary in front of their locked Churches where Mass & the Sacraments have been denied them for over a year by a Marxist secularist government aided & abetted by their homosexual Bishops. We should all support their efforts & pray the rosary with them for their, & our, release from this demonic persecution supported by the Antipope & his sodomite cronies.

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