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  1. Personally for brother Alexis, posted here as I do not know any other way to contact Br. Alexis.

    Dear brother Alexis,
    It’s only a week ago I (accidentally?) saw and heard your for the first time in my life (your video: Priest issues warning from Rome exposing Masonic take over – Prepare!)
    To day I’ve just heard you in “How to be a Catholic: Episode 4: How to use your intellect”.
    I’m a Dane living at the moment in Sweden (my grandmothers birthplace), retired civil engineer and just rounded my 80th birthday.
    At the age of 20 I left the church – not that I ever had been a great churchgoer. I never went back again. I left the church for all the reasons you describe in your video – the God-belief which I had since my very early childhood seemed violated by the church’s lack of understanding and money greed (mostly).
    As early as I can remember (2-3 years) I knew that I was “protected” although I grew up during a very troublesome times (my father was in the Danish resistance and very seldom at home – if so only in the night time) – not protected by a person but by something inside me which I did not have any words for and of which I never spoke.
    After my school and university years I established a family, got 4 children, big house, big car, lots of money and life seemed wonderful. I was able to do anything by myself. I did not need a god to help or support me. Only “week people” needed that. (At the time I still had not realized that it takes more courage to surrender to God than any extreme sports this world can muster). I suppressed my “inner guidance” still more and to the point where it was totally hidden and forgotten.
    Around the age of 40 my life started “dissolving”, I totally broke down, got divorced, bankrupt and was on the brink of suicide.
    Realizing that I wanted to take my on life, I somehow was “giving” the idea: “I already have decided to die. I do not care what happens to me, so why not let God make the decision for me?”
    At this time I didn’t believe in God, I actually refused the whole idea about a god and that “such a ting” had any power or will over me. Anyhow I made an agreement with this “unknown something”:
    “Dear God, show me this ‘power’ of Yours which some people believe You have and decide what is going to happen to me. I know I’m an awful person, a scoundrel, a sinner who never have done anything good. I do not deserve anything – least of all my life. Please reveal for me everything my fear has hidden in my subconscious mind. I want to know. If You decide I have to die, I fully accept that. If You decide I have to live, I fully accept that too. I give You all power over me. Your Will is mine.”
    I bend my head and waited.
    The most wonderful tings happened of which I’ll only tell you a few:
    I was united with Christ Who showed Himself before me as a tall being emitting white, orange, yellow light from his body, from his lifted palms and his face – shining far, far away so bright that it would have burned my eyes out if it was on earth. He stood right in front of me, less than a food away. He was so tall that I had to bend my head backwards to look Him into his deep blue eyes. His skin was dark and kind of grooved. And so very ‘strangely’, He was the most masculine I had ever seen but at the very same time the most feminine I had ever seen. The perfect combination of masculinity and femininity, he and she.
    Only Love came from Him and only Love went back and through to Him, from me from everywhere around. I knew this was eternity, no time existed, only Love nothing else – coming and going, being created in an unending stream. And I knew I was Home. This was what I had been seeking all my life, for this I had turned every stone in the whole wide world without finding. Here it was. Finally I was Home.
    A fantasy, not reality? Well, I can tell you that I have never in this physical world felt anything that REAL. It was nothing less than Reality in the power of eternity. That Real!
    My “journey” ended in a huge hall which I entered as this “light-being”. Standing in the middle of the room I saw 12 light-beings like myself sitting to my left, 12 light-beings sitting to my right and far away in the end of this enormous room was Christ.
    Nothing but Love existed here. Nothing but Love could exist here. The light was immense: white, orange and yellow shining and sparkling. Imagine all huge cathedrals of the world fully lightened and multiply that with more than several billions. No word, no ideas, no fantasy can describe this wonder for nothing in this world has the like, no storyteller knows words which can begin to describe this “place”.
    I was “floating”, “levitating” in the middle of this room for a very long “time”, I do not know for how long.
    Suddenly a very week “voice” sounded in my ears “this you have not deserved”. At first I rejected this as utterly stupidity. However, the “voice” got still louder repeating itself again and again: “this you have not deserved”, “this you have not deserved”. At last it became so loud that I could not any longer resist it – and I even believed it.
    At the very moment I believed that I did not deserve this Love, this my re-uniting with Eternity, with Myself and with Christ, I disappeared as fast as if I switched off my desk lamp and I was back again in this world. For as I mentioned, nothing but Love, Truth, Reality can exist there and therefor no duality is possible. God do not throw us out of Paradise – we do it all by ourselves.

    Dearest Brother Alexis you have given me hope that Christianity – so long astray – will find its way back to Christ our savior. You have been very long awaited. The world cannot go on without and for certain we cannot go on. We can do nothing by ourselves, we cannot “save” ourselves, but with the help of Christ everything is possible. I am still not affiliated with a church and do not know if I ever will be. If so, however, it would be yours.
    The kindest regards

  2. It’s hard for me to follow after Erik’s heartfelt and sincere comment.

    Mine is also heartfelt and sincere as one genuinely pained by what has happened to what I thought was the Roman Catholic Church, but much of which is being revealed not to be.

    Honestly, according to what you say, I should remove myself from all Parishes and Priests – let alone the Diocese, Bishops and Cardinals – where I live and which I currently cannot leave without a Branch Covidian vaccine.

    I have tried by all possible means to keep attending Sunday Mass and regular Confession – even underground (on occasion literally) during civil prohibitions. I succeeded even in finding Priests who would administer Holy Communion the traditional way and even, in less restricted times, Tridentine Masses – both Diocesan and SSPX.

    But I have not found a single Priest who would even consider having the fortitude to state that Jorge Mario Bergoglio is a heretic and thus cannot be Pope.

    So what should I do to meet my Catholic obligations regarding Sunday observance and the regular Sacraments and less legalisticly, to nourish my Soul?

    1. A Catholic is not obligated to go to Mass when there is no Catholic Mass, or no priest who celebrates without grave scandal such as saying mass in communion with Bergoglio, In such cases, a Catholic should in quiet prayer unite himself to Christ’s Eternal Mass in Heaven and to all those masses said in communion with Him, wherever they may be in the world. And He will give grace abundantly for such religion.

    1. There are 3 general kinds of priest who continue to offer their Masses in communion with Bergoglio. Those (1) who are in good faith but ignorant that they have been hoodwinked and are completely lacking the theological preparation to understand that heresy puts on outside of the Church, so that all the propaganda to the contrary keeps their minds from seeing it, (2) those who know Bergoglio is a heretic but out of cowardice keep naming him, and (3) Those who know he is a heretic or who simply do not care if he is catholic, and for personal interest of money, career or private interest of being in favor of the heresy or immorality Bergoglio promotes.

      As regards receiving the sacraments from such priests, you should not. But in the case in which one finds himself in mortal sin, it is permitted, accoridng to the teaching of St. Alphonsus, to seek confession from the cowards or those who are ignorant, so long as they give evidence from public statements or private statements to you, that they recognize and disagree with Bergoglio’s heresies or errors, howsoever they call them, especially when they incline to admitting or hope that Benedict is the pope.

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