Pro-Benedict Priest silenced by his superior in Mexico

by FromRome.Info’s Special  Correspondent in Latin America

Another renowned priest in the Hispanic Catholic world, from the Diocese of Chetumal-Cancún, Mexico, Fr. Juan Rivas LC, has been prohibited from using social media any longer and some suspect he will soon be kicked out similar to Fr. James Altman. This priest has been censored by his superior for being outspoken in regard to the situation in the Church,m nevertheless, he has dropped a bomb with the last message that he posted on his facebook page and which he directed to the faithful that follow him:

Father posted: “Form small communities of Christian life, invoke the Holy Spirit, read the Scriptures and study the catechism. No priest is going to help you, they [priests] do not want to accept that it is no longer one Church but two Churches, with two different heads, thinking differently, walking in opposite directions. And they are just waiting for the one who is holding them back to die.” [my translation]

Note: My understanding of “he who is holding them back” refers to Pope Benedict XVI since this priest has been speaking about Pope Benedict XVI as the only legitimate Pope for years.

100 Masonic Errors you were trained to believe


Suggested Errors you should unteach yourself & your children

If you were wondering why modern man does not rebel against injustice, the Scamdemic revealed why: most are totally psychologically controlled by the Main Stream Media, despite how much they may criticize it. The whole reality they believe in is a lie; they don’t have the ability to even see it!

Here is a list of lies you were trained to believe with greater loyalty than even Christian Faith:

1) Democracy is the best form of government
2) Your vote is counted
3) Your elected official serves you
4) The Masonic Lodge is not Satanic
4) The good should tolerate the wicked
5) The godless have just as much right to vote and govern as the faithful Christian
6) It’s safer for everyone if a Christian is not put in power
7) Liberty requires that the Gospel not influence law and court decisions
8) Man evolved from an ape
9) Aliens probably exist, but angels are a myth
10) The Bible contains error
11) The Bible was not written by those it claims as its authors
12) Jesus did not say exactly what He is recorded to have said
13) There is Christianity outside the Catholic Church
14) There is salvation for the non Christian, non Catholic
15) Most people go to Heaven
16) No one is evil
17) Globalists have your best interests at heart
18) The Right is not led by Masons/Satanists
19) Christians should leave politics to secularists
20) Catholicism is a source of division
21) Divorce is good
22) Women only have value working as men
23) Big families are evil
24) Pope Benedict XVI resigned validly
25) Wall Street is fair
26) Your Government is controlled by the people
27) Your military is dedicated to defending you
28) Your police respect the Constitution
29) Your doctor is not a quack
30) An expensive college education makes you smarter or better informed
31) The history you learned in public school was not Masonic propaganda
32) Vatican II was the best thing that happened to the Church
33) Thinking about Hell is bad for you
34) Mortal sin is not that bad
35) Abortion is a right
36) Marijuana is not morally degrading
37) The man should not rule over his wife
38) Western Civilization before 1789 is evil
39) Christianity caused the Dark Ages
40) Capitalism caused science
41) You should always obey without question
42) Being divisive is the worst crime and sin
43) No Pope has betrayed Christ
44) Your pastor would not lie to you
45) Its not dangerous to have gays in the clergy
46) The Supreme Court is always to be obeyed, even when wrong
47) If it is legal, it is o.k.
48) If you are paid by the government you must enforce wicked, evil or unjust laws
49) You have no rights but what the State says you have
50) The Allies liberated Europe
51) America did not create Hitler or the Soviet Union
52) The Right and Left are actually enemies
53) Christians could never win an election
54) Christians should never get angry
55) Christians should never start a revolution against Masons, Fascists or Marxists
56) It is wrong to resort to violence, even for a just cause
57) European colonization was evil
58) Chinese colonization is good
59) Pagans are innocent
60) Jews never persecuted anyone
61) In World War II more Jews died than Christians
62) The Allies committed no war crimes
63) The US Government had nothing to do with the deaths of Patton, Kennedy or John Paul I
64) The US Government has never manipulated a Papal Conclave
65) Trump’s family has no ties to the Brown Brothers Harriman Bank or the Skull and Bones Lodge
66) There is never any condition under which you can refuse obedience or taxes to your government
67) A government which allows abortion is not criminal nor illegitimate
68) Those who promote abortion are not enemies of humanity
69) A mother who has an abortion is not a murderer
70) It is extreme and insensitive to hold that abortionists should be hung
71) Catholics killed more people during the inquisition than any Modern State has killed political dissidents in that last 100 years
72) It was evil for Catholic Kings to expel Jews and Muslims from their realms.
73) The State should register births and marriages
74) The State has the right to tax citizens without their annual renewed consent
75) Public education is good
76) Vaccines are good and necessary
77) Big Tech is private industry not backed by the Deep State
78) It is easy to repent of sin and rediscover the truth
79) Journalists rarely lie
80) A Government without Christ can be just
81) Christianity flourished in the Dark Ages because people did not have science
82) Christians can only live in peace with Jews by allowing Jews to rule over them or along side them
83) The Modern State of Israel is a popular movement, not a construct of the Rothschilds
84) Israel is an ally of the West
85) Christian persecution is rare
86) The Christian holocausts of the 19th/20th/21st centuries are minor events
87) Poland’s best ally is the USA
88) Christians should not re-establish Catholic Monarchies
89) The Masonic Lodge is not an in international mafia of psychopaths
90) Paper money has value
91) You should declare all your personal information or income to the godless masonic state
92) Your government is not watching you
93) Your government is not planning your genocide
94) Your government will defend your rights
95) Your courts are fair
96) Politicians who commit crime or fraud on a massive scale should not be hung
97) The people should never rebel against the Masonic Order, since it is the pinnacle of civililzation
98) The Media Personalities you admire are not agents of the deep state
99) Laymen will save the Church
100) The pursuit of Christian Holiness is not important.

This is only a short list. We recommend to all parents to teach this list, and the contrary truths, to their families.

Ronald Bernard: The Banker who revealed the Illuminati – Child Sacrifice Cult behind world Finance

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

COMMENTARY by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Having watched these video interviews of Ronald Bertrand, I must say that I am not entirely convinced by them.  The testimony of a single person to be credible has to be back with details, and when truthful it has to respond rationally to rational based doubts. The one being interviewed responds too frequently with emotional arguments, when presented with a doubt about his testimony. — Now admittedly, he has confessed to being an international banker involved in international crime and terrorist support. But if what he said was at least threatening to someone, you would expect that some journalist somewhere would rebut him.  I have so far found nothing of the kind. I am also amazed that while on the video he claims 10+million who have watched him, his videos on youtube have less than 30K visualizations.

If he had said all of  this in 2021, he might be simply repeating what is out there already and well known. But that he said this in 2017, makes me wonder if he is really telling the truth, or was floating a balloon for globalists who wanted to know what the masses would think if they knew the truth. I have no basis to say anything he has claimed is true or false, and without details in his story he has crafted his testimony especially to avoid such verification.

Thus for forensic purposes his claims have no value at all. But they still could be 100% true. In the last four years perhaps he has said more on this topic, and if any readers can find more information about him and his claims, in any language, please share them in the comments below.

CIVIL WAR IN ITALY! — Marriage, Baptism, Communion forbidden to non Vaxxed

Introduction and Summary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

May 30, 2021 A. D. — The diabolic tyranny of Mario Draghi is ratcheting up its controls on the Christian peoples of Italy.  As of June 15th, it will be forbidden to celebrate Marriages, Baptisms, First Communions, Confirmations and any other public religious festival to anyone who does not have a “Green Pass”, certifying that they have been Vaxxed, cured of the mythical Covid-19 or been swabbed by a psychopathic medical employee in the last 48 hours — with a swab which is rumored to contain particles dangerous to human life, and in a manner which is possible to cause lesions, infections and brain death.

Mario Draghi is a former VP of Goldman Sachs and a known member of the Masonic Lodge.

This new decree, which went into effect on May 18th, as previously mentioned here at FromRome.Info has been applied by the Conference of Regional Governments in its latest communication. According to ANSA, the globalist news service, the liberty of citizens will be progressively restored so long as they receive the death-dealing, genetic-altering, sterilizing impotency augmenting Vaxx!

To read the original ANSA report, click the image above.

According to the universally hated and despised Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, who is not a doctor:

“Our Country is much better, the road we are on is the right one.  We need to maintain the highest attention, but the numbers are getting better and this is the moment to program the Future!”

If anyone cannot see now that the Scamdemic is all about establishing a Masonic Tyranny upon humanity, by means of stamping out Christianity, he is blind.

In other news, Mario Draghi is reportedly planning to dump his Cabinet of Technocrats and replace them with those openly supporting a total Dictatorship. The Globalists evidently believe that if they dissolve the institution of Democracy they can count on greater loyalty of the armed forces.

If Draghi thinks he will not suffer the same misfortune as Mussolini, I think he is gravely mistaken. The Italian people are fed up. 80% are refusing to take the Vaxx. The wearing of the mask is going quickly out of fashion among the trend setting youth.

BREAKING: Pope Benedict XVI was allegedly assaulted by Cardinal Bertone during first years of Pontificate

By Br. Alexis Bugnolo

There were many scandals at the Vatican during the first 8 years of Pope Benedict XV’s Pontificate, which the international press spoke of. Some even involved Cardinal Bertone (See here).

But one of which no one has spoken till now, regards a most heinous act of sacrilege against the sacred person of Christ’s Vicar on Earth.  FromRome.Info can now reveal what is claimed to have happened based upon our sources at the Vatican.

The event allegedly occurred during the first 8 years of Pope Benedict XVI’s pontificate. It involved a heated exchange between Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, the Secretary of State, and Pope Benedict XVI. There was a contrast of wills and Pope Benedict XVI insisted that his will, as Roman Pontiff be heeded and executed.

Thereupon, Cardinal Bertone allegedly laid hands on the Holy Father, placing his right and left hand on the right and left upper arms of the Roman Pontiff.

Cardinal Bertone then allegedly proceeded to shake the Holy Father violently, and said to Pope Benedict XVI:

You need to understand,
that it is I who command here!


This would be a most infamous act. Indeed, a physical assault upon the Holy Father is punishable by excommunication in canon 1370 §1:

1370, §1: He who uses physical violence against the Roman Pontiff incurs excommunication latae sententiae, reserved to the Apostolic See, according to which, if one deals with a cleric there can be adjoined, according to the gravity of the delict, further penality, not excluding de-mission from the clerical state.

That such a crime might have been quietly endured by the Holy Father shows his heroic meekness.

That such a crime has heretofore never been revealed to the press, shows, possibly, how absolutely corrupt and heartless the culture at the Vatican is.

Now, at last it seems to become more clear to what extent Pope Benedict XVI was being threatened and manipulated during the first years of his pontificate.  Perhaps, now, the objective observer will begin to examine more closely how in the last 8 years, the Holy Father might have been deprived of his liberty of action.

Indeed, not a few Vatican functionaries have reported that they have received “letters” from the Holy Father since Feb. 2013, which do not appear to be written by the same personality they know. Some of these are signed with the name of Benedict, in a hand writting which appears to be executed under extreme duress.

Let us pray for our Holy Father. I think none of us yet understands under what kind of pressure and threats by corrupt officials and Freemasons he has lived for so long!

Finally, calls upon the international press to interview Vatican Officials for further elucidatations and confirmations of this story.

CREDITS: The featured image is a screen shot from the article cited above.

Gotti Tedeschi: No one touches Summorum Pontificum!

Introduction by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Gotti Tedeschi is the German nobleman whose dismissal, unbeknownst to Pope Benedict XVI, was one of the steps in the final conspiracy against the Holy Father.  Restored by order of the Pope to his post, just days before Feb. 11, 2013, the event has marked the renunciation of Benedict with the aura of a mystery ever since. And this because, no one recalls an Auditor to his post to uncover corruption, and then resigns from office days later, unless a force has intervened and some constraint has been imposed upon the employer.  Silent for neigh 8 years, Sir Tedeschi has decided to speak on the question of the threats by Bergoglio against Summorum Pontificum, the indulgence granted by Pope Benedict XVI to re-allow the Ancient Mass. Here is an English translation of Tedeschi letter to Tosatti, the original Italian of which you can find by clicking the tweet above.  Tedeschi currently works in the financial industry.

by Gotti Tedeschi

 Dear Dr. Tosatti, upon reading this Stilum Curiae on the Kingship of Christ, I exulted, stimulating me to write the following intervention on the Encyclical Quas Primas and Summorum Pontificum at risk of abrogation (from what we read).

For so long there has been no adequate discussion of Christ the King and of the worship, including liturgical worship, due to Him. Perhaps because we are ashamed to speak of King and royalty, as well as of Christ. Today it would seem that Pachamama is more fashionable?

At the close of the Holy Year 1925, Pope Pius XI published the Encyclical “Quas Primas” on the Kingship of Jesus Christ.

This Encyclical expounds the dogmatic doctrine on the Kingship of Christ, explains its sovereign rights and specifies the duties of submission. The reader of Stilum Curiae should reflect: a hundred years ago the Popes spoke of the sovereign rights of Christ the King and the duties of the faithful “subjects.

How times have changed! Today we speak above all of environmental rights and ecological duties.

Forgetting perhaps that if they affirmed the sovereign rights of Christ the King, the duties of converts towards nature would be well satisfied.

But what I would also like to mention is that this Encyclical, which has fallen into oblivion, also speaks of “secularism,” the compendium of all errors and heresies.

Today errors seem to be the pollution of the earth and heresies are no longer spoken of, thanks to doctrinal evolutionism. Could the Tridentine Mass be considered as heresy instead?

The secularism referred to by Pius XI is expressed in the expulsion of Christ from public life, from schools, from families even.

Against these secularist aspirations Pius XI proclaimed Christ King, King of peoples, of the family, of individuals, by right of Nature and of conquest, that is, thanks to Redemption.

The Encyclical says that Christ’s kingship is indeed spiritual, but it is also temporal, since the Father gave him an absolute right over created things.

This right is denied by secularism, which denies to the Church the right to be a teacher and evangelizer, seeking to bring her little by little to appear (and feel) equal to other religions, “lowering her indecorously to their level” (says the Encyclical).

This is with a view to replacing it with a natural religious sentiment. Is it for this reason that the environmental problem arises?

It is good, therefore, to make the “thinking” Catholic world reflect on the importance of the Kingship of Christ, ignored or driven out of society instead.

And allow me to observe that Christ also appears to be less and less honored in the liturgy of the Holy Mass. I pray and strongly hope that the Moral Authority, in this perspective, will not go so far as to deny Summorum Pontificum, that is, the apostolic letter of Benedict XVI published with the formula of motu proprio in 2007, which still represents for many Catholics, that form of worship that the Supreme Pontiffs have deemed the most worthy to offer to the Divine Majesty of Christ the King.

I would also like to recall how the apostolic letter Summorum Pontificum concludes:

All that has been established by Us in this Apostolic Letter given in the manner of a Motu proprio, We order that it be considered as “established and decreed” and to be observed from the 14th day of September of this year, the Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, notwithstanding anything that may be contrary thereto>.

Given in Rome, at Saint Peter’s, on 7 July 2007, the third year of our Pontificate.

It says: “established and decreed”, not suggested.

Thank you for your hospitality.

Ettore Gotti Tedeschi

Barbara Volpi, Podcast #4 — Sub Tuum Praesidium

In Italia, la battaglia tra il dragone e la Madonna è giunta. Dobbiamo prepararci spiritualmente.  Una parola d’incoraggiamento di Barbara Volpi.

Sotto la tua protezione cerchiamo rifugio,
Santa Madre di Dio:
non disprezzare le suppliche
di noi che siamo nella prova,
ma liberaci da ogni pericolo,
o Vergine gloriosa e benedetta.

* * *

Sub tuum praesidium


Sancta Dei Genitrix.

Nostras deprecationes ne despicias

in necessitatibus nostris,

sed a periculis cunctis

libera nos semper,

Virgo gloriosa et benedicta!

* * *

We fly to Thy protection,
O Holy Mother of God;
Do not despise our petitions
in our necessities,
but deliver us always
from all dangers,
O Glorious and Blessed Virgin.