May 16, 2021: Dr. Angelo Giorgianni demands investigation into who is the true Pope

On May 16, 2021, at Reggio di Calabria, in southern Italy, Dr. Giorgianni during a public political rally, “Reopen Calabria”, made the following remarks, at 23:45:

“But I am every more enraged, against this “pope”, who has folded in front of the earthly order, (against the dictum), “A free state and a free Church, a free Church in a free state”. — No! —  And from this piazza I want to immediately say something:  I  believe that the Church has a need  to give clarity.  I want to know if this pope is a Pope or a Cardinal dressed in white!  I want to know if the Pope Emeritus has abdicated from his functions or whether he is still the true Pope.  Because I want to undeceive myself … Because I want to snap myself out of thinking thinking a true Pope, illuminated, inspired by the Holy Spirit, can turn his gaze away from the sight of the suffering of his people.  Because I want to snap myself out of thinking that in China there is no more persecution of Christians, who cannot enter freely a church, that at the heights of power in the Vatican there is no blindfold over the eyes of our pope.”

Dr. Giorgianni’s testimony is fortified by the fact that he is an Italian Magistrate, that is, a judge, with a Doctorate in Civil jurisprudence.


CREDITS:  Video by Francesco Toscano, Translatation by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Cardinal Burke doubts the validity of Benedict XVI’s Renunciation

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo


Tuesday in the Novena of Pentecost, 2021 A. D. —  As the readers of FromRome.Info know, Cardinal Burke has expressed his doubts about the validity of the renunciation of Pope Benedict XVI during a visit to the Diocese of Phoenix, Arizona, USA, in 2016, according to the personal testimony of a monsignor of that Diocese, who heretofore has not wanted to come forward about the matter, but who spoke with a reader of FromRome.Info.

But now, I can confirm from my sources here at Rome, that Cardinal Burke does indeed doubt the validity of the renunciation and has done so from February, 2013!

In a matter so grave as the incomplete or dubious resignation of a Roman Pontiff, our duty as Catholics, who have received the gift of the Holy Ghost in the Sacrament of Confirmation, is that we do not conceal such doubts but speak openly of them. Indeed, it is a grave violation of the duty of a man of God, that in a matter which touches upon the salvation of billions of souls, that he be reticent or silent or conceive of a discretion that it be virtuous to do so.

This is particularly true because the very principles of right (ius) teach that one must not presume that the right of another has ceased: de iuris cessione non presumat! This principle is affirmed in Canon 21, which says, “In doubt the revocation of a preexisting law is not presumed” (In dubio revocatio legis praeexistentis non presumat). It is reinforced by Canon 124 §2, which says that juridical acts which are posited in a due manner according to the norms of law are to be presumed valid: wherefore, if there is a prima facie  discrepancy in the text of the act from the norm of the law, it is licit to presume that it is invalid.  This is confirmed again by the Code of 1983, in canons 40 and 41, which concede the right of a subject to doubt the validity of an administrative act which is, respectively, either nullus (which is not an administrative act), or contains some undue circumstance or detail. —  And this is a noteworthy and wide space for discretion. — Thus in the case of the man who is the Pope, in renouncing, if he objectively does not fulfill the terms of Canon 332 § 2, it can licitly and legitimately be doubted that he has renounced. — And this I speculate is the rationale in Burke’s position.

In fact, I can affirm that according to my sources, Cardinal Burke’s doubt is founded upon the fact that Joseph Ratzinger renounced the ministerium and not the munus of the Papal Office. — This makes him among the very first to do so, according to the historical record.

I can further affirm, that according to my sources, Cardinal Burke has spoke to many about his doubt no only in February 2013, but before and after the Conclave of 2013.

For this reason, I can with great probability surmise, now, that the reason the Vatican will not tolerate or enter into any discussion of the invalidity of the Renunciation is precisely because the Mafia of St. Gallen fears that such a discussion or investigation will find that Benedict XVI is the true pope and that the Conclave of 2013 is uncanonical by reason of the incomplete renunciation.

Therefore, out of my love for Christ and His Church, I now call upon all the members of the Sacred Hierarchy, upon all canonists and theologians, and upon all clergy, religious or laity, who know more of these matters to speak openly of what they know and stop with this vain and destructive pretension to discretion.

All the faithful have the grave solemn duty to remain in communion with the true pope, and submit to him, according to the magisterial teaching of Pope Boniface VIII in Unam Sanctam. Accordingly, each and every member of the Catholic Church HAS THE DIVINE RIGHT to know who the true pope is.  Silence or discretion which obstructs that right IS A HIGH CRIME AGAINST THE COMMUNION OF THE SAINTS!

Finally, I wish to publicly apologize to His Eminence, Cardinal Burke, for having publicly and privately spoken in criticism of him for his silence or unwillingness to recognize the invalidity of the renunciation. I was wrong to construe my lack of information about his position, as anything more than that.

For more about the precise canonical argument for the invalidity of the renunciation, see here.

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Here is the official French Translation of the above. Click to read.

Pfizer Inc. once developed injectable chemical warfare agents

By Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Pfizer, the manufacturer of one of the most lethal and dangerous mRNA vaccines, according to the opinion of many, was involved in the development of chemical warfare agents in the 1960’s.

Back then, the corporation bore its original name, Chas Pfizer Inc., of Groton, CT, USA.

Here is the historical document, in PDF original, declassified, which details their experiments via injection.  It seems that it is now indisputable that Pfizer has a long history with methods to kill humans and guinea pigs via injections.  But the company has made progress. Now they do not use guinea pigs.


The #TraitorTraddie: What is he and whom does he serve?

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

At all levels, here in Italy, and abroad, the Masonic Lodges are involved zealously in creating opposition to the Great Reset.

Now, what I just said, might seem, at first, totally absurd, but actually it is not only the truth, but a devious stratagem. — You see, the Masons want nothing more than to have power, and that means, they seek first of all to obtain and maintain control.

And, as It is now obvious that the Great Reset is at risk: There is growing dissent and opposition from every quarter, and it is weekly increasing.

And thus the zeal of the Lodges is dedicated to putting a halt to that. But Masons are clever. Some of them will stand in the way and throw up obstacles. While others infiltrate and establish networks of control so that when they need to they can hit the brakes of every movement from within.

But this is not just their stratagem for the present, they have been doing this in regard to controlling the Catholic Church for 200 years.  It is, only now, that perhaps you recognize it: with Churches closed, and the Catholic religion replaced by the sanitary cult.

And most Catholic have been duped. Because instead of thinking that their most important and fundamental duty is to remain faithful to Christ and thus in communion with Christ, they have been mislead into thinking that communion with superiors EVEN WHEN THEY ARE HERETICS is the only way to have communion with Christ.

Thus, if you want to know if you are in a Church which is duping you, simply ask the minister if he would refuse communion to his superior, if his superior is a public heretic.  And if that question causes him to become upset in any way, I recommend you get out and never come back, because you have detected a servant of the Antichrist, even if he does not yet realize it.

And all this I say in preamble, so there is no misunderstanding about what I mean to say hereafter:


The Traitor Traddie is the Catholic who claims publicly to be a traditionalist, but in theory or practice is nothing of the kind.  You can recognize him by this, that he will never break off communion with a heretic, that he recognizes Bergoglio is the pope, and that he to some degree goes along with the Great Reset. He does not have to sustain all of these positions, any one of them will do.

I call him a traitor, because he has abandoned Jesus Christ as His King and point of absolute reference. He does this by putting some other criterion or principle before being faithful to Christ, howsoever secretly and subtly, hiding this principle under other terms, and holding out something as a carrot or stick to see that you accept it.

And the Traitor Traddie is well skilled at defending his sin. He will say you are uncharitable, rash or cruel to label others as unfaithful, when they are unfaithful in public. Yes, he wants you to agree with him that Biden should be refused communion, but at the same time he insist that you receive the sacraments in communion with Bergoglio.  He is a walking self contradiction, on purpose, because thus he can lead as many souls as possible into the Great Reset.

Many Traitor Traddies are simply duped Catholics. But not a few are former or current Deep State employees of operatives: the Military, the State Police, the Secret Services, etc..

Ask what their personal history is. Among their “leaders”, many are “converts” or “reverts”, very few are life long Catholics. Among their clergy, most only fear to lose their salary, and not their soul. Many are funded from eastern Switzerland, home of the St. Gallen Mafia and Nazi collaborators.  Some have studied at institutions which are known Masonic centers or were founded by CIA agents. Christendom College in Front Royal, Virginia is only one example.

A good number of them are avowed admirers of Hitler, the creature of the Skull and Bones Lodges, or are pro-Gay. They complain, in public forums, that their sons are becoming gay, and wonder why.  They are all avowed clericalists, in the sense that they want you to sell your soul to clergy in communion with Globalism, but they are all avowed anticlericalists in that they want you to denigrate faithful clergy and religious who oppose Globalism.

Their doctrine is that the laity will save the Church, but their practice is always to undermine that Church. When laymen should rather be joining and forming true Catholic political parties, they do nothing or ignore such initiatives, thus displaying their true animus against Christ the King.  Their leaders will even admit that the Church is a sinner, and that infallible Councils do not apply or were wrong.

The Traitor Traddie needs to be named and shamed.  And if we are to free ourselves from the control of the Masonic Lodges and from all false opposition in the Church, we need to recognize who the Traitor Traddie is.

And if you want to know who these traitor traddies are, just use the term, Traitor Traddie, and its hashtag, #TraitorTraddie, frequently, and you will see them come out of the woodwork like termites, attacking you for it. There is no need to name them, they will name themselves.

I will be attacked for this article, I know. It will be said that I am being “divisive” or am acting like a “puritan” by causing division or throwing out grave assertions against the good name and reputation of others.  You see: they want you to judge them on the basis of their words about themselves and not on the  basis of their deeds.

I am not sorry, however, and I will tell them this to their faces. Because, Christ my King said, otherwise: “Judge them not by their words, but by their deeds”. And I have proposed nothing in the above, but that.

How to be a Catholic: Episode #8: How to avoid the Mark of the Beast

In this episode, Br. Bugnolo explains what the Mark of the Beast is, and how to avoid it, giving you the discernment on what St. John the Apostle meant by this term and how to recognize it.

Globalist crackdown in Italy against Diego Fusaro & Armando Manocchia

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

May 15, 2021:  There are those who continue to be incredulous at the claims and warnings of those who opposed the Great Reset that much greater evil is being plotted and planned by the Globalists against the liberty of us all.

I for one have warned repeatedly that the Globalists will be silencing voices of opposition in 2021.

And now it has begun to happen.

Yesterday, one of the most popular political speakers in Italy, Diego Fusaro, had his YouTube channel demonetized.  He also appears regularly on Radio Radio, the most influential Marxist Radio station in Italy, which was founded decades ago. He has nearly 200K subscribers and more than 800 who pledged monthly. YouTube removed the adds and zapped his paying subscribers.  The reason?  His exposés of the agenda of the Globalists were considered “dangerous” to the public order! Here Diego Fusaro, who participated in the conference on the Great Reset, alongside me, on the Anniversary of Lepanto, last year, explains what happened to his channel, in Italian:

But that is nothing in comparison to what happened to Armando Manocchia, editor of one of the leading electronic newspapers of Italy, the Imola Oggio, which has been in existence for more than a decade.
On the Morning of May 12, last, at 6:30, more than a dozen Carabinieri knocked on his door and presented a search warrant. They searched his house in the presence of his wife and mother of 89 years, for evidence to determine whether, as accused, he has threatened the life of the President of the Republic:  a charge entirely unfounded, according to Manocchia, and entirely improbable according to all who know of his spotless character. In his interview on Canale Italia, where he hosts a Nightly Show every Sunday, criticizing the Government and Great Reset, he explained what happened.  He holds that he is guilty for being white, male, heterosexual, a faithful Catholic and a critic of injustice and illegality.

On the newspapers which upholds the regime, il Resto di Carlino published a story about the investigation, which includes not only Armando Manocchia but another 10 Italians accused of promoting hate against the President, Sergio Matarella.

I, myself, have certain information which makes me suspect that my arrest will follow shortly, for some trumped up charge. Indeed, many Italians are of the opinion that my encounter with the police on May 1 was politically motivated.  Please pray for us all, as we boldly speak out against the injustices you are all facing this year.