Catholic who filmed Church invasion, kidnapped by Police who take his children

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5 thoughts on “Catholic who filmed Church invasion, kidnapped by Police who take his children”

  1. After Pat Sweeney filmed the raid of the Mass, a fraudulent phone-call allegedly by his (long deceased) mother, claiming concern for his children because of his alleged mental illness, resulted in the children being taken into ‘care’ by the police. Mr. Sweeney has been declared fit by a doctor but no one will tell him where his children are.

  2. This is just appalling. When will the legislature back the Law & Constitution & protect the Rights of the People. Those children must be traumatised & not to say where they are being held is simply demonic.

  3. There’s a go fund me for his defense.

    “Pat Sweeney is a father who took a video of Gardaí invading a church last week.

    This week, Pat was woken at 3.30am to his door broken in by An Garda Síochána (literal translation ‘guardians of the peace’ ironically.) His two children aged 5 and 11 were forcibly taken by the Gardaí and delivered to TUSLA. Pat was then sectioned under the mental health act and detained at Longford Garda station.

    After a doctor declared him mentally sound, Pat was released. His children were not returned to him. Pat has spent the last 3 days being fobbed off by Gardaí. Pat was told that Gardaí were responding to a call made by his mother – the children’s grandmother who had concerns for their welfare and Pat’s mental well-being. Pat’s mother has been dead since 1997. This was a malicious phone call with no basis and Gardaí acted upon it in the middle of the night. A Garda told Pat they did not have and did not need a warrant to enter his home, take his children, and section him.”

  4. What hideous behaviour by the police! These Nazi police must be prosecuted.

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