8 thoughts on “Melinda Gates divorces Bill Gates”

  1. If the photo(s) of Bill Gates and Jeffrey Epstein are real and not fabricated then Gates is no doubt guilty of molesting under age children.

    If the photo(s) of Melinda with a necklace dangling an upside down crucifix is real and not fabricated she is probably a satanist.

    So, you have a child molester and a satanist filing for a divorce.

    My understanding is that Melinda and Gates are baptized Catholics although I believe Benedict would classify them as baptized pagans…

    Do you think they’ll go and file for an annulment at their local diocesan marriage tribunal claiming irreconcilable differences based upon their religious convictions?

      1. I’ve read that Gates is Jewish. I believe all NWO elites, including JB, have Jewish ancestry. They want to destroy the OHCA Church as they believed they had destroyed Jesus until He rose again from the dead. Satan then took them over & torments us through them. Of course we know who wins.

      2. I have seen no evidence that Gates is Jewish. He comes from a line of puritans, as far as I have seen.

    1. Gates is a Jew. Many of the evil synagogue of satan demonic Jews pretend NOT to be Jewish. They knew people would eventually wake up to their EVIL Talmudic scheme. Like Soros and the rest, They are goin down and want to bring asmany down with them as possible. Almighty God Yahweh can’t get here soon enough!

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