Did Nancy Pelosi bodyguard assassinate Trump supporter at Capitol Building?


 The talk today on social media is that the man who is identified in this video as the likely shooter of Ashli Babbit, the retired Navy Officer, who was murdered on January 6, 2021, as she attempted to jump through the doors of the Hall of Congress, is a bodyguard / employee of Nanci Pelosi, the Democrat Speaker of the house who claimed the Capital invasion was an act of insurrection by Donald Trump, even though the invaders who did the violence were all Anti-Fa, supporters of her own party. It is pretty clear now who was behind the revolution which side of the revolution is now in power.

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5 thoughts on “Did Nancy Pelosi bodyguard assassinate Trump supporter at Capitol Building?”

    1. I do not see that the article shows that the shooting was a psyop. But it does raise questions which need to be asked. If someone lives in California, they need to visit her home and interview her husband and see if she is still alive. As for the sources in that article, they too need to be checked, because at this point, Nancy Pelosi has as much reason to want it to be a psyop. But if the government wants us to believe that she is dead, to what purpose, as it makes Pelosi look bad much more than trump supporters.

      1. The video at the bottom of the page shows it was a crisis actor event and no one was killed.

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