The Lega promises to support Draghi for President of Italy

Commentary and Summary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The Lega — formerly known as Lega Nord — has finally unmasked itself, as reported in the Corriera della Sera, May, 6, 2021.  Diego Fusaro reports and comments on the news in the above video.

The Lega Nord began by proposing the devolution of Northern Italy in a fantasy region called Padana. But under Salvini the party moved to have concern for protecting the entire nation. But they were never successful in wining votes in the South after their 30 year campaign of insulting southern Italians.

Now, their end has come with a shock. Matteo Salvini promises to support Mario Draghi, Globalist select, EU servant, Goldman Sachs VP, as a candidate for the President of the Republic, with Mattarella’s term of office ends in 2023.

The Lega has unmasked itself. It is a complete fraud, and Salvini has shown himself to be a complete fake.

Fusaro, who professes Marxism,  ends his commentary with a very just observation:  the Lega is like all the so called liberal parties. They claim to oppose left and right, to be for freedom, but in the end, like clockwork they return to supporting the onerous regime which they spent a life time attacking.

A Catholic would call it a masonic farce.

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