Mario Draghi uses Telegram to chat with brother Freemasons

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

It has been related to me that Mario Draghi uses Telegram to chat with brother Masons.

This may not  be news for those in the Lodge. But for the rest of us, who are Christians, it does present a news worthy moment.

Many, in response to the censorship of Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram, etc., have recently  taken notices by apps such as Whatsapp, about privacy regulation changes, as occasions to flee to alternative messaging services such as Signal and Telegram.

The thought is that these services are not controlled by the CIA or Big Tech and that therefore there is more privacy and less control by Globalists.

As far as Wikipedia says, Signal was begun with a grant from the U. S. Department of Defense. And Telegram was founded in Moscow.

But my security contacts say that Telegram is an operation of the C.I.A..

Anyway, if you trust Telegram, maybe you should start asking yourself why high Masons in Italy are using it to plan your destruction?

Mario Draghi is the Prime Minister of Italy. His official title is “President of the Council of Ministers”. He is a former VP at Goldman Sachs, just like Steve Bannon. And he is selling Italy to the Globalists, as if he were a CEO trying to downsize a company to make it profitable. The only difference is that for Draghi downsizing mean making the Vaxx mandatory and causing the middle class to go bankrupt. And all affirm that he is zealous and heartless about it. Even some of those in the Lodge.

As a disclaimer: if you see that I have a Telegram account, do not send messages to it, because it is fake.

Open Letter to the Bishops of Ireland: Don’t Change the Mass, Bergoglio’s not the Pope!

Subject: Lectionary for Mass for Ireland
Dear Catholic Bishops of Ireland – the Land of Saints and Scholars,
Re:  Your Call for Comments on the new edition of the Lectionary for the Mass, in Ireland (Click here)
Please send me an acknowledgement on receipt of the following…..

I oppose any changes/revisions/new editions of the Lectionary for Mass for Ireland on the following grounds….

Pope Benedict XVI is the Pope.
Pope Benedict XVI retired from the ministerium, that is, the administrative duties of the papal office.
He however never resigned from, never abdicated the munus and therefore is and has always been the one and only Pope since being ‘validly’ elected as Pope.
If the Archbishops and Bishops of Ireland are unable to distinguish the difference between the papal ministerium and the papal munus and unable to tell the difference between semi retiring and fully resigning/abdicating, then it is perhaps best to leave the Lectionary as it is, that is, unchanged.
However there are other reasons to leave the Lectionary as is.
Bergoglio was invalidly elected as Pope because Pope Benedict XVI never renounced the munus, never resigned from/never abdicated.
So in effect the papal administration of the Church has technically been deserted and left in a state of limbo for the last 8 years or so.
Pope Benedict XVI in retiring from the ministerium without appointing someone to take over that role and responsibility, has in effect, cut off, frozen the ministerium of the papal office.
Any administrative changes, directions, guidance, instructions, appointments made to date by/under Bergoglio since his being ‘invalidly’ elected Pope are clearly all invalid.
Until you recognise Pope Benedict XVI as the one and only true Pope and until Pope Benedict XVI comes out of his retreat, until he comes out of his retirement from the duties and responsibilities of the ministerium, then it might be wise to avoid making any new administrative changes, including making any changes to the existing Lectionary for Mass for Ireland, and it might be worth considering undoing and reversing all invalid changes made to date since Pope Benedict XVI retired from the ministerium.
Perhaps Pope Benedict XVI’s retirement from the papal ministerium was simply the Pope ‘obediently’ following divine guidance through the Holy Spirit, an instruction directly from God…… quietly take one very long spiritual retreat into the wilderness, into the desert.
God works in mysterious ways!
How many have had the grace to experience being given divine guidance/instructions from God and yet have ignored them?
Perhaps it is time to recognise and acknowledge Pope Benedict XVI as the one and only true Pope.
Perhaps it is time to directly ask Pope Benedict XVI the reasons why he retired from the papal ministerium.
Perhaps it is time to ask Pope Benedict XVI when such a retreat from the papal ministerium might end, if ever.
Perhaps it is time to start offering sincere, genuine help, assistance and support directly to Pope Benedict XVI.
Perhaps Pope Benedict XVI has been waiting so patiently in the wilderness for you to come and ask and offer these things.
Seek and Ye Shall Find!
And the Truth Shall Set Ye Free!
God Bless Pope Benedict XVI the one and only true Pope.
God Bless You All!
Carmel McCormack
‘Cionci answers Valli’s Question: Why would Benedict XVI have resigned invalidly?’