Don Minutella: Il Terzo Segreto di Fatima

Introduction by Br. Bugnolo

In this nightly episode of Catechesis by Don Minutella, Pastor of Don Bosco’s Parish, Palermo, Don Minutella decries the heretical schism of the Church in German, in its decision to allow the sacraments to public sinners and to bless the farce which is called a marriage. In addition, he draws out the connection of this schism to the warning of Fatima.

PUBLIC NOTICE: On Tuesday night, May 11, 2021, Don Minutella and Br. Bugnolo will speak together live about the absurd thesis of Salza & Siscoe which was relaunched again in Italian on the personal website of Marco Tosatti.

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    1. I wish I had the time (but as I am managing the development of CrossAzure.Net I do not), but I will write up a summary tomorrow of my talk with him tonight.

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