3 thoughts on “How Rural Citizens can defend against the coming Technocratic Neo-Feudal Biosecurity State”

  1. Have no clue about the politics of The Vatican. Don’t know HOW the Facist/Communist Virus has infected seemingly SO MANY church officials, appeared to place a Fascist/Communist at the helm as Pope, supported MASS ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION, has aligned with pro-abortion/pro-LGBTQ activists…etc.

    Do know many whom now have issues with Traditional Church and am merely one. When did church become SO anti-God?

    1. When the Freemasons took it over. Basically under Benedict XV before World War I and especially after the concordat with Mussolini, the Vatican became an investor in Masonic corporations throughout Europe and the USA, and through them came to be complete subborned to ungodly values. The Vatican Bank is at the center of all the corruption because it is effectively the servant of the intelligence agencies of the USA and other nations, like now, China.

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