2 thoughts on “When you invest, avoid Masonic controlled institutions”

  1. Corbett: “Are you going to continue to play Wall Street’s rigged game, or are you going to take your chips off the table and invest in local businesses and projects with the people on Main Street?”

    Look around: in the wake of 2020, the Main Street of financially independent local proprietors NO LONGER EXISTS. The currency system itself is being undermined by the influx of free money. No serious mind can deny that their sinister plan entails a bleak future for everyone not in their club.

    What factor connects the Rothschilds, Janet Yellen, Goldman Sachs, Steve Mnuchin and many other persons and institutions in the world of finance?

    It’s time to walk away from the usury-laden money system altogether, and pioneer a new way forward, to a place where the money-changers won’t go, and to make the move that absolutely terrifies them. It’s time to kill this financial beast, this enemy, by exiting its control system.

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