Dr. Biscardi confirms that Pfizer vaccine is magnetically charged

In the above video, a young man who just received the Pfizer vaccine that morning, has a 50 cent EU coin, which is NOT magnetic, placed upon his vaccination site. It sticks! It does not stick anywhere else. And a magnet placed on the same site sticks even more!

This confirms the “conspiracy theorists” who said the Vaxx was to make human beings into transhuman creatures, or detectable by 5G networks.

Alas, this may mean that all who have received the Pfizer vaccine have been TAGGED for capture or kill by the Globalists, just like cattle or wild animals.  This is a nightmare directly out of the Planet of the Apes or Hunger Games movies!

More videos pouring in from Italy confirm site of Pfizer vaccine contains electromagnetic conducive chemicals:

For those who do not believe their eyes, there is this report confirming that as early as 2014, supercharged magnetic nano particles were considered useful in the administration of mRNA vaccine:

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8 thoughts on “Dr. Biscardi confirms that Pfizer vaccine is magnetically charged”

    1. Thanks for fixing it.

      I wonder how a needle injects liquid into the bloodstream and at the same time leaves something magnetic just below the surface of the skin.

      1. The mRNA vaccines are to be delivered in a non-blood-vessel rich area, to avoid that.

  1. Dear Br. Bugnolo, God bless you! I would like to inform your readers that we have already been tagged long before the “vaccine.” People all around the world are carrying a weapon of mass destruction every where they go. It tracks their every move and delivers harmful radiation to their immediate proximity! It can not be turned off because it has a sealed non removable battery! How could we have let this happen? What is this device that coordinates with 4 microwave transmitters wherever we take it, and transmits harmful radiation all around us, and get this, becomes the target of 4 microwave transmitters wherever we are? The smartphone! Please consider the pys-op within the pandemic. All that is necessary for some vaxxed person to come down with an adverse reaction is to fill out on their records a cell phone number. You can then be targeted and the the experimenters can see if their “human ai interface” works. It isn’t the vax. It is your cell phone!

  2. So the magnetic material stays in place and the liquid slowly finds its way into the bloodstream?

    1. It depends on their size. At the molecular level, mineral iron can pass because it is single atoms. But chunks of iron are too large. So with the right design one can achieve a design which passes through some but not other tissues.

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