Dr. Pierre Gilbert in 1995: They will pollute the Blood Supply to create a race of zombies

Dr. Gilbert eerily foretells what the agenda of the Scamdemic may be all about.

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31 thoughts on “Dr. Pierre Gilbert in 1995: They will pollute the Blood Supply to create a race of zombies”

  1. Please make available more of these videos. The only ones with him I could find are in French. This video is VERY IMPORTANT.
    Please cover this story in more depth. Thank you for this video.
    Do you know he is a mason? And he spoke of these liquid crystal vaccines at a masonic conference, but I can only find that video with no translation into English. Do you have someone on your staff who speaks French??? Can you translate this with subtitles and upload to your website?? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VofMPvhbgGg and https://ugetube.com/watch/dr-pierre-gilbert-le-gouvernement-mondial-conf%C3%A9rence-de-1996_3DRfsFmdLxoWhqS.html

      1. Thank you. I’d like to see more about this guy. He was so far ahead for his time.

      2. search in youtube there is full version video witch is translated in english watch it you will be shocked he talked about freemasons and ….

    1. Thank you Maureen.

      This is a valuable video that we need to stand before the assumption that all mankind need the vaccine. The theory of all human need the vaccine is totally lying theory.

    2. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/15349945/ there are microchips in the vaccines. they created this in 2004. this i a link to a Chinese Government website where the vaccines were created and tested. below the website is a link to the US government website. they all involved with this microchipping.

    3. From video “https://153news.net/watch_video.php?v=S31SYA9UB742”

      Comment found under the translated video. I am French and agree with this.

  2. What is the context of this speech? Wo is or was this man? Alex Jones stating it’s a Masonic meeting in 1995 is just not necessarily credible enough, for me anyway.

    1. He has been proven correct by recent events—aside from the liquid crystals acting as antennas part.

    2. Lord Jesus Christs message and testimony is true. Believe the gospel .i dont know dr gilbert but mandatory vaccine is no imaginary tale

  3. Remember, LaSallette, Our Lady said there would be Zombies:

    The dead and the just will be made to revive [Secret:12]

    [That is to say that these dead will take the appearance of just souls who had lived on earth, in order to lead men further astray: these so-called resurrected dead, who will be nothing other than the demon under these appearances, will preach another Gospel contrary to the one of the true Christ Jesus, denying the existence of heaven, or they may also be the souls of the damned. All these souls will appear as if united to their bodies.]

  4. I have not drank the tap water in the uk for 20 years!! Lol let alone have god knows what detritus injected into me. KOVAD means theft,,,,,,,, of our birthright! Thats why , only now, at the end of this saturnian cycle some are starting to wake out of the mass hypnosis.

  5. People are already Zombies. 5g and propagandized information funneling with Big Tech, and People don’t know or care of any existence outside themselves for the most part. They are good slaves. Working hard to pay taxes, get vaccinated and vote republican. They care about their lawn, showing up in church, their bank accounts and fox news. They cast dispersions on truth, sin like hell outside of church, and want to prove election fraud for moral authority over what they call “libtards”. They’ll shoot a nigger, if he comes on their lawn, but they arent’ racist. They teach their grandchildren that George Bush was a patriot who stood up for MERICA. The other group is filled with hate, parented by what they conceive is Satan or at least a denial of Jesus. They act in mobs, deface their bodies and are quite racist, worshipping the architects of black genocide,who are “culturing” bacteria to destroy them constantly. So, yeah, nothing new to see here. Jesus is and always will be the Way, the TRUTH, and the LIGHT. There is only one way to the Father but, through him. We live in world run by evil in high places. Go back further to Robert Koch. Think mummies, spores, anthrax, tb. Funny how his postulates still hold true today, huh? He developed a way to produce viable bioweapons, 1st Postulate: a bacterium can only exist if it kills it’s new host. He is considered the Father of Modern Microbiology by the Jews and their Nazi-Rockefeller Medical/Pharma Tyranny. This has always been a Chimeric pollution of human DNA. Satan has always said people will ask for his mark, they will dedicate themselves to his slimy ass, that is why those in his bloodlines always tell us what their plans are……. Polysaccharides, SARS, Pachyman, All methods of getting the prions in. They still have all of the live viruses for the final switch. THey will turn up the 5g, kill probably 25 million right away, and then the fun starts. Gloomy, but that is what they said they will do. Be ready. GOD WINS

  6. This video dovetails perfectly with what Dr. Gilbert is saying.

    What if the spike protein is filled with graphene oxide and what happens when the GO is “positively charged” by EM waves (5G); those who don’t die will end up being mind controlled?

    Graphene Oxide: Gates’ Trade Secret? Not Mentioned in the US, UK Vaccine Patents [VIDEO]


    1. When positively charged, it becomes a reagent, so no. It will be like radiation poisoning, your tissues will self destruct from within, it seems. This all depends upon how biologically reactive is graphene oxide when charged and if any reaction can dissolve or weaken or neutralize it.

      1. Yes, good point; the article mentions that the GO after injected is “neutral”; does this mean that once the GO is “positively charged”, it would become “activated”; this could then start the process of internal radiation poisoning. True, we don’t really know how biologically active GO is Why do you think there is the warning not to get an MRI after vaccination? What if the injection contains GO combined with superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles?


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