May 16, 2021: Dr. Angelo Giorgianni demands investigation into who is the true Pope

On May 16, 2021, at Reggio di Calabria, in southern Italy, Dr. Giorgianni during a public political rally, “Reopen Calabria”, made the following remarks, at 23:45:

“But I am every more enraged, against this “pope”, who has folded in front of the earthly order, (against the dictum), “A free state and a free Church, a free Church in a free state”. — No! —  And from this piazza I want to immediately say something:  I  believe that the Church has a need  to give clarity.  I want to know if this pope is a Pope or a Cardinal dressed in white!  I want to know if the Pope Emeritus has abdicated from his functions or whether he is still the true Pope.  Because I want to undeceive myself … Because I want to snap myself out of thinking thinking a true Pope, illuminated, inspired by the Holy Spirit, can turn his gaze away from the sight of the suffering of his people.  Because I want to snap myself out of thinking that in China there is no more persecution of Christians, who cannot enter freely a church, that at the heights of power in the Vatican there is no blindfold over the eyes of our pope.”

Dr. Giorgianni’s testimony is fortified by the fact that he is an Italian Magistrate, that is, a judge, with a Doctorate in Civil jurisprudence.


CREDITS:  Video by Francesco Toscano, Translatation by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

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3 thoughts on “May 16, 2021: Dr. Angelo Giorgianni demands investigation into who is the true Pope”

  1. I would call the courageous Dr. Giorgianni a sign of traction among the laity. There is a bubble of silence, a propaganda bubble that will not be punctured in the English-speaking world at this time.

  2. We have an absolute & God-given right to know what brought about PBXVI’s supposed ‘renunciation’ – was he coerced by St. Gallen Group (Mafia) which would make it illegal; did he wilfully resign in such a fashion as to make it Substantial Error, another reason for it to be declared invalid, as it is certainly not in keeping with Canon Law for he clearly does not renounce the Munus (Office)? Why was a rushed conclave held before this matter was completely sorted – who was pulling the strings? As the Papacy cannot be bifurcated why did our silent Cardinals Burke, Mueller, Sarah (& others) not demand answers & proof that PBXVI really wanted to abdicate & secondly require that he do so in accordance with Canon Law. We also need to know who voted for this unknown, radical anti-Catholic ‘pope’ & where did the deciding vote come from, as it was an extra one cast over & above the number of electing Cardinals.

    The outrageous silence & failure of our consecrated red hats who are supposed to uphold the Deposit of Faith, Tradition & Doctrine of the OHCA Church alongside a validly elected Pope has struck a devastating blow to Mother Church & their impotence to denounce Francis’s blatant public pursuit of improper friendship with the enemies of Christ is mind-boggling to say the least. Where were they when Pachamama was being revered at the Vatican & another Amazonian idol placed on the altar at the closing Mass? Where were their voices (followed by action) when 7M Chinese Catholics were literally given over to the CCP for $$$s p.a. & the scurrulous appointments of known sodomites to key places positions in the CC made?

    Of course we have a Divine right to know the answers to these questions & many more. The fact they haven’t been forthcoming displays the arrogance & hatred for Catholicism flowing from the veins of Francis & his chosen scoundrels. Not only that, we have been badly served by those who from time to time utter frail responses to the very grave papal exhortations AL & Laudato Si that we know Francis hasn’t the authority to make, which are totally contrary to the Faith but fulfill the expectations of those who also hold the same mindset of Mother Earth before the Virgin Mother of God & Evolution before God’s Creation, thereby placing man before the Divine Godhead.

    I don’t recall any substantial reproof of his statement that God desires all religions, that there is no Catholic God, that all can get to Heaven by good deeds & Hell does not exist. If they had stuck to their guns when no response to the Dubia was received & called for a council to denounce the Destroyer & his cronies we would not have the NWO calling the shots on climate change, immigration, Antifa & BLM atrocities prior to the US Election & the ursurpation of that election (same as PO) nor would we have been put in lockdown for over a year with our Churches closed & many coerced into taking an experimental eugenics injection which has directly led to extensive loss of life & suffering with the purpose of controlling world population to their declared numbers. By their complicit silence the signature of our entire prelature is immersed in this utterly Satanic ‘pontificate’ & may they be assured we, the Laity, will never forget that.

    It is vital to insist that the Bride of Christ be completely cleansed of these demons that have taken over the running of the Vatican, that the Liturgy, Tradition, Doctrine & Commandments of God be restored & adhered to & that those who publicly & pertinaciously sin against them be publicly excommunicated, & in the case of prelates & priests defrocked.

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