The Poll on the real future of the Globalists
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2 thoughts on “The Poll on the real future of the Globalists”

  1. I understand that burning at the stake is actually quite merciful because death comes slowly, offering the guilty some time to repent. I wouldn’t trust the mobs to do better than that.

  2. I saw the poll, but left Twitter last year, on good advice.

    I believe the options Thrown to the mob and All of the above were rather wasted opportunities.

    Thrown to the mob, because in our current clown world, the mob might as likely applaud them or vote them in as leaders – yet again, in some cases – as punish them.

    All of the above, because by definition one loses one’s wealth when one loses one’s life.

    Suggested alternative options.

    One shot of a “COVID-19” “vaccine” chosen at random every six months – until all stocks are depleted worldwide, or the Holy Catholic Pope to come decides otherwise.

    Confiscation of all excess assets from them and all of their descendants in perpetuity, distributing the proceeds to the Holy Catholic Pope to come, for use at his sole discretion.

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