4 thoughts on “Magnet sticks? — Yes, that Pfizer vaxx is to upgrade you to Cyborg Slave”

    1. What was satire last year is reality this year. Bookmark this for 2022, when they tell you why the jab makes you magnetic.

      1. Oh, I was pointing out that they say it’s satire because I was afraid their article was clickbait and trivialisation of a real threat.
        Do I believe they can actually do it? Absolutely. Their trans-humanist agenda is in full throttle mode now. The public at large, and even many Christians who, frankly, should know better, foolishly dismiss all that as “science fiction”, but they’re actually science facts.
        Besides, science fiction has always been about 70% brainstorming, 20% speculative analysis, and only 10% entertainment.

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