California District Court bans Scamdemic controls against Churches, Fines Governor

In the U.S.A., in a civil dispute, the winner of the case has the right to ask the Court to make the loser pay his legal fees. The protestant Church which contested the Scamdemic controls won, not only for themselves but for all religious assemblies in the State of California.

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2 thoughts on “California District Court bans Scamdemic controls against Churches, Fines Governor”

  1. This should have been our Bishops leading the cause. Thank you to the PASTOR BUT AN EMBARRASSMENT FOR OUR BISHOPS.

    1. Why would you blame the bishops? They are involved with this cov scam right up to their necks. They have broken America’s laws and should be held liable and criminally responsible. Saying I am obeying orders and violating the US Constitution is not an excuse to break our laws.
      The Vatican was 100 % involved with giving our Presidential election to Joe Biden by using their satellite company called Leonardo to change the votes from Trump to biden. they must be helping criminally responsible . And if found guilty, they must be hung from a rope until they are dead.

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