Has the location of the Tomb of St. Peter been discovered?

English Summary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Antonio Socci has published a fascinating report about the recent historical-archeological study done to discover the resting place of the Prince of the Apostles here at Rome. (Click the image above to read the original Italian article)

And since it is not far from my residence, I have decided to trek out to the archeological site and report live from there in the coming days.

But first, a summary in English of Socci’s article.

As we all know, the Prince of the Apostles was martyred at Rome. He was crucified upside down in the Circus of Nero, that is the hippodrome or horse racing track of the Emperor Nero.  That horse track is on the south side of the Basilica of St. Peter’s, and the Basilica is built on top of the ancient Roman Cemetery on the Vatican hill.

But when excavated in the post war years, all that was discovered beneath the High Altar of the Basilica, many meters below, was an empty niche in an ancient Roman Wall, before which was built an altar.  Scholars agreed that this was most likely the original place of burial of St. Peter’s remains. But whether he was burnt alive like his fellow martyrs or whether his body remained intact, was information lost to history.

Socci reports that the ancient sources say that St. Peter was buried, Ad Catecombas. And historians speculate that this location is the site of the former Basilica built by the Emperor Constantine for his own mother St. Helena.  The speculation is that the Emperor and His Mother, who herself could be called the patron and mother of Christian archeology, in that she spear headed the excavation and discovery of the True Cross, had decided to be buried next to the Prince of the Apostles.

Even Maria Valtorta professed to have a vision of the Apostle, incorrupt, holding a parchment in his hand, buried Ad Catecombas.  The tom might be where three scholars have guessed its location might be, but no excavation has yet been undertaken.  The fame of the Vatican Basilica might have eroded the memory of the true location of the Apostle’s final resting place, but it seems still quasi impossible the Church of Rome would forget where they buried the Rock, upon which Christ built His Church.

This week I will try to go in person to the place and film a report. Stay tuned!

Bergoglio has Alzheimer’s

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

May 24, 2021 A. D.: Rome, Italy — The City of Rome is rife with talk that Bergoglio has Alzheimer’s and has not long to live.

I have heard Catholics speak about this for the last few weeks, but have held off reporting it until I could assess that it is coming from persons who should know and is now common knowledge in the Eternal City.

Vatican sources confirm that Bergoglio is in the first stages of cortical dementia. I am no doctor, but since my own mom died of the same disease, that mean he has about 2-4 years to live.

Sources in the city among those who rent properties from the Vatican also confirm this.

Such information is newsworthy, but not yet of the kind that is as certain as an official admission — a think unlikely until there is a push among the political powers to remove Bergoglio.

Having 2 demented world leaders, in the White House and in the Vatican, is obviously not useful or helpful to the Pilgrim Society Freemasons who presently control both centers of power. Some voices speculate his resignation before death is nearly certain. I consider this likely because his strongest supporters, like Msgr. Sciacca of the Apostolic Signatura hold the erroneous opinion that dementia causes a Pontiff to lose his office.

Time alone will tell the outcomes, but today’s rumors will certainly bring consolation to the Catholic Faithful throughout the world.

Papadopoulos explains the war between the Pilgrim Society and Skull & Bones for US Presidency

The Pilgrim Society is an alliance of Rothcschilds-Rhodes Freemasons from London & Oxford, whereas the Skull and Bones Lodge has its power in New York City and Berlin. So when Papadopoulus says keep your eyes on London not on New York City, he is revealing what is really going on. The Trump family has served the Skull and Bones Bank (Brown Brothers Harriman) for more than 100 years. Biden is backed by the Pilgrim Society.

In the Last 8 years, the Holy Spirit has been giving us a crash course on Ecclesiology

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo


What would the Catholic Church look like if it had not the office of St. Peter?

What would happen to the Catholic Church if the Church lost the office of St. Peter?

What would happen if nearly everyone in the Church thought a non-Catholic was the pope, instead of recognizing the true Catholic pope as the pope?

These are the three theological questions, which the Holy Spirit has been showing us the answers to in the last 8 years, for those who want to be His disciples.

If you know anything about the debacle of Protestantism, you know that from one generation to another the Protestant “churches” crumble and fall and change and corrupt, like bread left out in the open air progressively rots into dust.  What results is nothing like the bread once was.

And why do the Protestant churches suffer this fate? They do not have the Holy Spirit living in them.

And they do not have the Holy Spirit living in them, because they are detached from the Head of the Church which is Christ. For the Holy Spirit descended upon the Head of Christ, to show us that He dwells in the Body of Christ only through the Head.

But most Catholics, including theologians, have not reflected on the fact that they are detached because they willfully separate themselves from the true Successor of St. Peter, despite all the evidence to the contrary, that without Peter one cannot build with Christ or as Christ willed for His Church.

And thus to willfully be separated from Peter is to be cut off from Christ the Head.

I explain this by saying that Peter is the mystical neck of the Church. You cannot connect to a head unless you connect through the neck.  And so it is with Christ and Peter.

So if you have no intention of ever returning to Pope Benedict XVI then you are doomed, because you have joined a rotting corpse and that it rots, may be your daily complaint, but that you remain in it, is your doom.

By closing your eyes to the abundant evidence that Benedict XVI is the pope, and choosing ignorant or bad-willed Cardinals, Bishops or priests to be your neck, you have chosen to belong to a headless church, like the protestants, one which will and is corrupting before the eyes of the whole world.

And just because you were born a Catholic or believe the Catholic Faith or go to the Latin Mass does not mean you are guaranteed the Holy Spirit if you separate yourself knowingly from the facts and evidence that Benedict XVI is the pope.

In fact, the Holy Spirit does not need you.  And He gave an example of this last night, because on His Feast, no Catholic but 2 came to beseech God the Father to send the Holy Spirit, at Saint Mary Major’s, last night. So the Holy Spirit inspired 3 Hindus to pray the Our Father with us.

And that should be cause for awe and trembling.




di frà Alexis Bugnolo

La Chiesa Cattolica a che cosa assomiglierebbe se non avesse l’ufficio di San Pietro?

Alla Chiesa Cattolica che cosa accadrebbe se la Chiesa perdesse l’ufficio di San Pietro?

Che cosa accadrebbe se quasi tutti nella Chiesa pensassero che un non-cattolico fosse il papa, invece di riconoscere il papa veramente cattolico come il papa?

Queste sono le tre questioni teologiche per quali lo Spirito Santo ci ha indicato, per coloro che vogliano essere Suoi discepoli, le risposte durante gli ultimi 8 anni.

Se si sa qualcosa della “debacle” del Protestantesimo, allora si sa che le “chiese” protestanti da una generazione all’altra si sbriciolano e cadono e si mutano e si corrompono come del pane lasciato fuori all’aria aperta che marcisce progressivamente fino a ridursi in polvere. Ciò che si ottiene è tutt’altro che il pane che era prima.

E perché le chiese protestanti subiscono questo fato? Non hanno lo Spirito Santo che vive in loro.

Ed esse non hanno lo Spirito Santo che vive in loro poiché sono distaccate dal Capo della Chiesa che è Cristo. È così perché lo Spirito Santo discese sul Capo di Cristo, per mostrarci che Egli va ad abitare nel Corpo di Cristo solamente attraverso il Capo.

Ma gran parte dei Cattolici, teologi inclusi, non hanno riflettuto sul fatto che si sono distaccati [da Cristo, ndt] poiché essi volontariamente si sono separati dal vero Successore di San Pietro nonostante tutta l’evidenza che al contrario nessuno senza Pietro può costruire qualcosa con Cristo o come Cristo volle per la Sua Chiesa.

Spiego ciò dicendo che Pietro è il collo mistico della Chiesa. Uno  non può attaccarsi al capo se non essendovi attaccato tramite il collo. E così è con Cristo e Pietro.

Così se non si ha alcuna intenzione di ritornare poi a Papa Benedetto XVI, allora si è spacciati, poiché ci si è uniti a un cadavere in putrefazione e magari uno si lamenta ogni giorno che imputridisce, ma siccome vi rimane dentro è spacciato.

Chiudendosi gli occhi davanti all’abbondante evidenza che Benedetto XVI è il papa, e scegliendosi come collo cardinali, vescovi o preti ignoranti o malintenzionati, si è scelto di appartenere a una chiesa senza capo, come le protestanti, una che si corromperà e si sta corrompendo davanti agli occhi del mondo intero.

E solamente perché si è cattolici fin da piccoli o si crede alla Fede cattolica o si va alla Messa in latino, ciò non significa che si abbia garantito lo Spirito Santo se ci si separa consapevolmente dai fatti e dall’evidenza che Benedetto XVI è il papa.

In effetti lo Spirito Santo non ha bisogno di costoro. E la notte scorsa Egli ci ha dato un esempio di questo poiché in occasione della Sua Festa nessun cattolico, eccetto 2, è venuto davanti a Santa Maria Maggiore la scorsa notte a supplicare Dio Padre di mandare lo Spirito Santo. Perciò lo Spirito Santo ha ispirato a 3 indù di pregare il Padre Nostro con noi.

E ciò dovrebbe essere motivo per aver timore e tremare.