Bergoglio has Alzheimer’s

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

May 24, 2021 A. D.: Rome, Italy — The City of Rome is rife with talk that Bergoglio has Alzheimer’s and has not long to live.

I have heard Catholics speak about this for the last few weeks, but have held off reporting it until I could assess that it is coming from persons who should know and is now common knowledge in the Eternal City.

Vatican sources confirm that Bergoglio is in the first stages of cortical dementia. I am no doctor, but since my own mom died of the same disease, that mean he has about 2-4 years to live.

Sources in the city among those who rent properties from the Vatican also confirm this.

Such information is newsworthy, but not yet of the kind that is as certain as an official admission — a think unlikely until there is a push among the political powers to remove Bergoglio.

Having 2 demented world leaders, in the White House and in the Vatican, is obviously not useful or helpful to the Pilgrim Society Freemasons who presently control both centers of power. Some voices speculate his resignation before death is nearly certain. I consider this likely because his strongest supporters, like Msgr. Sciacca of the Apostolic Signatura hold the erroneous opinion that dementia causes a Pontiff to lose his office.

Time alone will tell the outcomes, but today’s rumors will certainly bring consolation to the Catholic Faithful throughout the world.

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13 thoughts on “Bergoglio has Alzheimer’s”

  1. As I reported last week I was told by a priest I was speaking to about the Church who is a personal friend of Cardinal Sarah & close also to PBXVI that Bergoglio had Alzheimers & not too long to live. He said a lot of maneuvering was going on behind the scenes & he expected an election to be called either later this year or early next year. His advice was to continue to trust in God & practice much patience. I said I did trust absolutely in God but my patience was running exceedingly dry. I have been wondering since if the visions of Anne Catherine Emmerich will be fulfilled much sooner than expected as JB’s condition continues to worsen? Personally, I would like to be assured that JB could be denounced prior to his death as that would mean the Sodomite/Modernist Cardinals & Bishops he appointed during the past eight years would be excluded from voting in the next conclave. Maybe you could advise us?

    1. I’m sure you know this, but for those who may not, anyone ‘elected’ after Bergoglio, while Benedict is still pope, will be just as much an antipope as Bergoglio.

  2. Reminds one and all of the judgement of King Saul by GOD
    and if this is factually correct, now counterfeit destroyer, jorge bergoglio is now judged according to GOD’S HOLY and PERFECT WISDOM .

  3. Alzheimer’s runs free through my family, my grandma being the only one spared from that (along with my dad who is 80). My grandma’s mum, her siblings, nieces, nephews, even 1 daughter got it, and they live minimum 8 years not 2-4. In fact, all of them who are younger than 84, are still alive!

    1. It does depend on genetics. being Italian like Bergoglio, I used the Italian measure.

  4. Some say that coconut oil can prevent dementia, or slow it down considerably in those already so afflicted. Some even say it can cure, if taken in large amounts and applied onto the skin.

    1. I have read medical studies that say that Zinc is dangerous to those with this genetic disposition because it prevents the renewal of cells in the frontal lobe of the brain. Zinc has recently been added to vitamin pills for elderly and is found in abundance in some vegetables and most nuts.

  5. I have ten years of hands on experience caring for a dementia patient 24X7, including about 100 trips to hospital ERs, and many months, over one year total, in nursing homes, including a considerable amount of time in lock down dementia units with some of the worst of the worst cases, I’ve ‘seen it all’.

    A few thoughts:

    1, There are literally hundreds of different possible types/combinations of dementia. Each case is unique. Doctors can look at brain scans to try to make an educated guess but I’ve seen the same scan get read multiple different ways by different doctors. Complicating matters is the ‘false positive’ diagnosis; behavior can mimic dementia in some cases, such as depression or recurring infections, or even be medication related. Some are temporary conditions that are treatable.

    2. Dementia behavior is highly unpredictable, there is no way to predict for even fifteen minutes what will happen next. If there is full time support dementia patients can function at an amazingly high level until about the last year or so. Hence a situation like Joe B. As long as these folks are upright and talking chances are no one will force anyone to do something against their will. They are not half as ‘out of it’ as some tend to think, I’ve seen some amazing things happen up to the very end.

    3. Alzheimer’s is only one form of dementia, it can only be confirmed with a brain autopsy. The code used in the United States, Alzheimers/dementia, is confusing, people tend to hear/read only the first word and put that label on everything.

    4. No one can force someone to be paper and pencil or verbally subjected to questioning for dementia. If there is no testing there is no ‘official’ diagnosis, and again a diagnosis is only an educated guess without an autopsy. Unless he is a threat to himself or others chances are he’ll never get tested or officially declared anything; from my experience it’s rare, these folks don’t go quietly, want to give up their independence.

    5. About half of seniors over the age of 80 have some form of dementia. It used to be called senility, before the medical powers that be figured out how to turn it into a cash cow business. Where I live, a high number of seniors, basically they stick a dementia diagnosis in everyone’s chart, over age 60, as soon as they have the misfortune of landing in a local ER.

    6. I side with the eight years comment, that’s my experience.

    As much as we’d like to believe his insane behavior has a medical explanation I’m sorry to say based on my experience and observations it’s not going to be that easy.

    And of course as Catholics, I believe we are treading on really thin ice here trying to label anyone and throw them under the bus for being mentally handicapped. Isn’t that kind of what this end times battle is all about in the first place?? Let us try to be charitable and give him the benefit of the doubt. It may sadly be that we are simply dealing with a case of moral illness.

    1. JB’s A;zheimers came to light shortly after his invalid election as ‘Pope’. He attended a well-known specialist in Italy & had the relevant tests (scans etc.) when it was disclosed that he a a significant black spot on his brain . The information dried-up immediately & he was allowed by his handlers to hurry up & destroy the OHCA Church. There can be no comparison with a private individual with Alzheimers or any other cause of dementia whose working life is over & a person who is knowingly mentally, physically & religiously unfit to carry the most important job in Christendom & therefore the world being secretly allowed to do so. Our leaders made a demonic decision in order to get rid of PBXVI whom the NWO satanists didn’t like so as they could fire ahead with their Great Reset which includes mass murder from babies in the womb to the disabled & elderly whom they call useless eaters.

      We have been given many examples of his Marxism from his youth & more recently his Crypto Jewish background which, in itself, should have been known & have prvented him from ever being a candidate for the Papacy. How many others like him are resident in the Vatican & voting members of the Cardinals?

      The OHCA faith can only be restored by Divine intervention as no Cardinal has the guts to come out from behind the veil of obscurity & denounce JB & the many others that have been supporting him. If they don’t move quickly & decisively then all humanity will be sacrificed for their unwillingness to serve.

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