5 thoughts on “Defend yourselves from the Criminal Class in Church & State”

  1. I like hearing you speak, you are very “down to Earth” and speak clearly. I like hearing about early church history. I know there was a priest Saint in very early Church history who wrote against “pederasts” and how they always try to not only infiltrate – but want to take over the church. I think his name was Peter or Simon.
    So pedophiles have been in the church for centuries. Do you know that priest/saint’s name I’m referring to???

      1. Thank you. It amazed me to read that Saint Peter Damian spoke out about pederasty in the priesthood over a thousand years ago, and also complained how they consistently try to take over the church. Here in the US, I’ve read that the USBC (Bishop’s Conference) is now totally in the hands of the gay clergy. The Church Militant website does a great job exposing them here in the US.

    1. God always raises up the man (like St. Peter Damian) to meet the moment – and usually raises him (or her) up only when the battle seems lost and the odds are impossibly overwhelming.

      To read the Bible, and to remember recorded Christian history is to see that theme repeated 100% of the time.

      The Battle belongs to the Lord our God.

      Our Lord demands Faith and total abandonment to Divine Providence. Our Lord then provides ample Grace to achieve victory to those so disposed.

      No battle won for our Lord was ever won on “favorable” terms.

      Good guys frequently win, certainly, but if the battle is specifically for God and Our Lord’s cause, then it will be “hopeless” … until it is not. And then we are reminded that Our God is Almighty.

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