Many Traddies are Freemasons

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9 thoughts on “Many Traddies are Freemasons”

  1. If they are laymen in the media or publishing industry and they have not yet definitively come to the conclusion that Bergoglio is an apostate antipope, and if they are still calling him “Pope Francis,” they are Freemasons. It is controlled opposition.

    If they suddenly converted to Catholicism or suddenly went from lapsed Catholic to conservative Catholic and then immediately had the capital (obviously provided by the Lodge) to form media companies and publish books, that makes it even more suspicious.

    The number one goal is to keep Antipope Bergoglio in power as long as they can while they are accomplishing the Great Reset.

  2. I have my suspicions regarding E. Michael Jones. How could he have started an apparently profitable magazine so soon after getting fired as a professor?

    He also uncritically believes that Fatima was fulfilled, pointing to Russia’s return to (Schismatic) Christianity as proof.

    1. It is common for scholars who come to know of one truth, do not know of others. Jones is flamboyant and takes unusually positions, like when he went to Iran to speak, but that does not mean that everything he says is false.

      1. Thank you for helping to sort out and fine tune my ability to discern The-Not-So-Obvious-Establishment’s actors and actions. This comment on E. Michael Jones.

  3. In your linked tweet, what do you think about Alistair McFadden’s comment here, where he believes Bl. Anne Catherine Emmerich’s visions to be “Gnostic”? I think this is the second time he has referred to her as such:

    “It explains a lot, including his promotion of Valentin Tomberg, Emmerich’s Gnostic visions, and Angelico Press…”

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