UK: Citizenry marches on Parliament, demands end to Scamdemic

Today is the Feast of Saint Joan of Arc!

CIVIL WAR IN ITALY! — Marriage, Baptism, Communion forbidden to non Vaxxed

Introduction and Summary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

May 30, 2021 A. D. — The diabolic tyranny of Mario Draghi is ratcheting up its controls on the Christian peoples of Italy.  As of June 15th, it will be forbidden to celebrate Marriages, Baptisms, First Communions, Confirmations and any other public religious festival to anyone who does not have a “Green Pass”, certifying that they have been Vaxxed, cured of the mythical Covid-19 or been swabbed by a psychopathic medical employee in the last 48 hours — with a swab which is rumored to contain particles dangerous to human life, and in a manner which is possible to cause lesions, infections and brain death.

Mario Draghi is a former VP of Goldman Sachs and a known member of the Masonic Lodge.

This new decree, which went into effect on May 18th, as previously mentioned here at FromRome.Info has been applied by the Conference of Regional Governments in its latest communication. According to ANSA, the globalist news service, the liberty of citizens will be progressively restored so long as they receive the death-dealing, genetic-altering, sterilizing impotency augmenting Vaxx!

To read the original ANSA report, click the image above.

According to the universally hated and despised Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, who is not a doctor:

“Our Country is much better, the road we are on is the right one.  We need to maintain the highest attention, but the numbers are getting better and this is the moment to program the Future!”

If anyone cannot see now that the Scamdemic is all about establishing a Masonic Tyranny upon humanity, by means of stamping out Christianity, he is blind.

In other news, Mario Draghi is reportedly planning to dump his Cabinet of Technocrats and replace them with those openly supporting a total Dictatorship. The Globalists evidently believe that if they dissolve the institution of Democracy they can count on greater loyalty of the armed forces.

If Draghi thinks he will not suffer the same misfortune as Mussolini, I think he is gravely mistaken. The Italian people are fed up. 80% are refusing to take the Vaxx. The wearing of the mask is going quickly out of fashion among the trend setting youth.

Lettera al Coviglioni

BREAKING: Pope Benedict XVI was allegedly assaulted by Cardinal Bertone during first years of Pontificate

By Br. Alexis Bugnolo

There were many scandals at the Vatican during the first 8 years of Pope Benedict XV’s Pontificate, which the international press spoke of. Some even involved Cardinal Bertone (See here).

But one of which no one has spoken till now, regards a most heinous act of sacrilege against the sacred person of Christ’s Vicar on Earth.  FromRome.Info can now reveal what is claimed to have happened based upon our sources at the Vatican.

The event allegedly occurred during the first 8 years of Pope Benedict XVI’s pontificate. It involved a heated exchange between Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, the Secretary of State, and Pope Benedict XVI. There was a contrast of wills and Pope Benedict XVI insisted that his will, as Roman Pontiff be heeded and executed.

Thereupon, Cardinal Bertone allegedly laid hands on the Holy Father, placing his right and left hand on the right and left upper arms of the Roman Pontiff.

Cardinal Bertone then allegedly proceeded to shake the Holy Father violently, and said to Pope Benedict XVI:

You need to understand,
that it is I who command here!


This would be a most infamous act. Indeed, a physical assault upon the Holy Father is punishable by excommunication in canon 1370 §1:

1370, §1: He who uses physical violence against the Roman Pontiff incurs excommunication latae sententiae, reserved to the Apostolic See, according to which, if one deals with a cleric there can be adjoined, according to the gravity of the delict, further penality, not excluding de-mission from the clerical state.

That such a crime might have been quietly endured by the Holy Father shows his heroic meekness.

That such a crime has heretofore never been revealed to the press, shows, possibly, how absolutely corrupt and heartless the culture at the Vatican is.

Now, at last it seems to become more clear to what extent Pope Benedict XVI was being threatened and manipulated during the first years of his pontificate.  Perhaps, now, the objective observer will begin to examine more closely how in the last 8 years, the Holy Father might have been deprived of his liberty of action.

Indeed, not a few Vatican functionaries have reported that they have received “letters” from the Holy Father since Feb. 2013, which do not appear to be written by the same personality they know. Some of these are signed with the name of Benedict, in a hand writting which appears to be executed under extreme duress.

Let us pray for our Holy Father. I think none of us yet understands under what kind of pressure and threats by corrupt officials and Freemasons he has lived for so long!

Finally, calls upon the international press to interview Vatican Officials for further elucidatations and confirmations of this story.

CREDITS: The featured image is a screen shot from the article cited above.