Today is the Feast of Saint Joan of Arc!
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3 thoughts on “Today is the Feast of Saint Joan of Arc!”

  1. Just finished praying her Novena. A true saint for our present time when so many are filled with fear & suspicion of their fellow Catholics & distrust of their clerical leaders.

  2. Yes. She is a great Saint along with Catherine of Siena, Catherine Ann Emmerich, and St Lucia dosSantos de Fatima.

    I invite your attention to Belloc’s biography of St Joan, which reads more like poetry than prose, and captures in 85 pages what took Mark Twain, in the greatest book he ever wrote by his own admission, weaving, spinning and sparring, 500.

    “All warfare was a if the spirit,” quoth Hilaire.

  3. Correction:

    “For Joan knew, All warfare is of the spirit,” quoth Hilaire.

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