One thought on “USA becomes Ideological Prison, unMasked to be refused right to Fly in & out”

  1. Despite all the warnings prior to the Presidential Election & the Antifa/BLM extraordinary rampaging in cities & towns that went unheeded, the Democrat voters still queued to register their vote for Biden/Harris. They not only have wrecked American politics for decades but have brought havoc upon themselves, their families, friends & neighbours who are now reaping the whirlwind from the deadly effects of the eugenics injection, improperly called a vaccine. Those who voted for Trump have been disenfranchised by the left liberal Democrats who went to demonic lengths to steal the result & inflict their NWO ideologies on to a reluctant society who will eventually take to civil action in order to tell the world this is not the government they voted for but a Marist set-up similar to the one perpetrated in the Vatican over eight years ago.

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