Viganò Gives Battle Cry against Great Reset, from the wrong side of the Lines

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

June 1, 2021 — Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò has given a remarkably complete critique of the Great Reset during his recent talk at a Venice Conference on the matter, hosted by the Italian Philosopher Francesco Lamendola.*  The talk in Italian was recently translated into English and has been published by Catholic Family News. You can read it here.

There is no denying that Archbishop Viganò has been the instrumental cause of many Catholics who hold fast to Bergoglio to begin to doubt, criticize and oppose the Great Reset.

So much have these Catholics been intellectually and morally part of the system of control or under that system of control, that the exclamations of the Archbishop in these weeks are met with acclamation which a true leader on the issue would merit.

They call the Archbishop a “voice in the wilderness” or “the only one who is speaking the truth”, or the “only Bishop who is denouncing the Great Reset”.

For those who do not know what has been going on for the last 18 months, because they have not been zealous to follow the news from trusted sources, but rather have been zealous to buckle down and comply with their Bergoglian Bishop and Globalist political leaders, such acclamations have their sense.

But the truth is that Archbishop Viganò is a Johnny come lately, and he has not yet even changed sides in this battle.

Indeed, the Archbishop has not only made some questionable alliances with arguably Masonic entities, but still refuses obedience to the norms of Canon Law regarding who is and who is not the Pope, preferring to sustain the party of the Globalist Bergoglio, against the Catholic Benedict XVI.

First, the Archbishop undertook a public media campaign which was a “touch all the bases and return home” strategy which is the hallmark of self serving politicians. According to this strategy, while not officially breaking from the ruling party, you speak and visit all the opposition to give them the false hope that you are now on their side, but in the end you return to stand at the right hand of the ruling elites.  The Archbishop did this in the summer of 2018, when he called Bergoglio to resign. But just this past Winter, Viganò insisted that Bergoglio is the Pope and it is divisive to question that!

To those who are really paying attention, the self-contradictions do not end there.

His writings in English are published by Angelico Press, notorious for promoting among Catholics spiritism and divination, the mixture of the occult into Christian Family life.

He wrote the political leader of the Skull and Bones Masonic Lodge Faction in the USA, Donald Trump, and was immediately accorded a personal recommendation by the President — a thing that no Catholic Bishop in U. S. history was ever accorded.

And he studiously refuses to speak in person or via correspondence with anyone versed in the canonical arguments that Benedict XVI is the true pope, despite the fact that Pope Benedict XVI is the one who drew him out of an obscure career in the Vatican Secretary of State to make him Secretary of the Vatican State Governorate and subsequently, Apostolic Nuncio to the United States, arguably the most important foreign post in the Vatican diplomatic staff.

He has repeatedly attacked and insulted not only the Catholic Church, blaming Her for sins, but also the Catholic Faithful for not opposing Vatican II.  In the first, he transgressed a rule of faith, whereby Catholic never attribute sin to the Bride of Christ. In the second, his comments are exceedingly cruel, seeing that the Catholic Faithful obediently accepted Vatican II precisely because of the actions and silence of the clergy, not excluding his own.  But both are remarkable forms of despicable clericalism which refuses to admit that the chief problem in the Church today is clerical corruption and chiefly in the Vatican, where he has worked for several decades.

To shout out a battle cry is a good an honorable thing, when you are standing on the right side of the Battle lines. But to do so, from the enemies’ Camp, is at least disingenuous, and at most a diabolic trick of deception to disarm your allies’ enemies.

The story has not ended, and is still in act. But those of us who are Catholics from the cradle and who know that sincerity only has value with fidelity, are finding it more and more incredible that Viganò’s words and actions remain in stark contradiction.

Credibility begins not with speaking, but with action. You have to switch sides in this war, and stand with Christ and His people, against the Globalists and the Bank of International Settlements, in Basel Switzerland, through which they rule the world.


*  Lamendola is a high school philosophy teacher, and a staunch denier that Benedict’s renunciation is invalid. He is known, during conferences with those who support Benedict, of intentionally talking as long as possible simply to prevent the supporters of Pope Benedict XVI from having any time to speak at all.

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22 thoughts on “Viganò Gives Battle Cry against Great Reset, from the wrong side of the Lines”

  1. Hello, brother Alexis. I agree to almost everything exposed by msgr. Viganó in his speech at the summit. I don’t understand because he insists on not recognizing Benedict XVI as reigning pope, instead he accuses Ratzinger of being a modernist while he offers his support for Donal Trump that is a convinced sionist, closely related to Goldman Sachs and to qabalistic judaism, and probably a freemason (Qanon movement is clearly anti-catholic). I am scandalized by the conduct of a person whom you know very well, that is a “white beard bovine”. This person gives support to Viganó but isn’t catholic, instead he/she is a syncretist. I consider him/her to be false, an opportunist and a double agent.

  2. There is little doubt that the position of Mons. Vigano remains ambiguous. Last January he publicly stated (*) that JM Bergoglio is the pope in charge as the Vicar of Christ. However in his latest speech he seems to imply that the same anti-Christian and atheist NWO elite that has come to ally itself with the summit of the Church, has acually usurped the Church summit itself. This appears the reason to call united action of all the faithful Christians.

  3. It’s probably about the money. I’m under two gag orders for workplace atrocities witnessed in two financial institutions. And walked away from two lucrative job opportunities, mainly because I’m not willing to play along for pay any more, on any level. Technically I’ve been classified as multiple levels below poverty for about ten years. Somehow God provides. Those who are still on a payroll are going to be held accountable in my opinion, at this late hour it’s our job to pray for them, period, the ark has left the dock. Particularly for the health care participants knowingly involved in Satan’s plan.

  4. We must be very very careful with this man… His goal is probably the Chair of Peter, for himself or for one of his accomplices. Why does not he recognize H.H. Benedict XVI as the Pope? Easy. The underlying reasoning is as follows: Bergoglio is the Pope, but a dreadful one; therefore, he must resign or be deposed; therefore…. the See will be vacant and, at last, after more than 50 years, the Church will have a decent Pope, a Pope who knows exactly how the Church must be (a Pope very different from “the bavarian theologian”, and from the rest of the postconciliar Popes). Because, you know, only Viganò, only the tradicionalists, really know how the Church must be. A great danger, indeed! Careful…

    1. @Estefania Acosta Thank you for your keen observations. Truer words for this time could not be spoken, “A great danger, indeed! Careful…”

      Vigano’s ongoing ambiguous ‘battle cries’ distract (as any well-trained agent provocateur’s oration would do). That these men attempt to right the Barque of Peter with their plan rather than God’s plan as outlined in Canon Law reveals much.

  5. Has Viganò emerged from hiding? Or did he briefly poke his head out and look around….

    Were he truly behind enemy lines i. e. within reach of the Vatican, he’d probably be found with cement shoes a-bottom the Tiber. (A clear suicide to Vatican ‘press’ ‘men’ like Tornielli etc.) Hard to imagine a prelate Bergoglio loathes more.

    On the other hand his clear abandonment of the Pope—Pope Benedict—is scandalous. It’s not all Vatican II, stupid. It’s the Masonic clerical Homosexual Network Strangling the Church of which False Pope Bergoglio is the head, as Archbishop Viganò himself warned in August 2018.

    I pray he rallies to his and our one true and only Pope. Pope Benedict.

    Viva il Papa! Viva il Papa Benedetto!

    Viva Nuestra Señora de Fatima!

    Viva Cristo Rey!

    1. @C.P. Benischek Good points: “It’s not all Vatican II, stupid. It’s the Masonic clerical Homosexual Network Strangling the Church of which False Pope Bergoglio is the head, as Archbishop Viganò himself warned in August 2018.”

      It seems likely that Abp Vigano IS the other side of the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment. Or will he flip on the Opus Dei handlers noted by Randy Engel ( and call for an official examination of the non-abdication? We can hope but it seems unlikely to me.

      Rather Vigano seems to be magnificently fulfilling his role of infiltration from the “Traddie Traitor” side sucking people back into the Establishment, aka anti-church, where the strangle hold of the Homo Network continues to work it’s clericalist/mafia/cover up under the cover of “smells and bells”.

      Br Bugnolo, perhaps this hypothetical has already been hashed out somewhere: What happens if both Bergoglio and Pope Benedict die on the same day at the same time? There would be no doubt that the See is empty. So….

  6. Vigano is THE distraction to perpetuate the GREAT Lie. His recent Venetian “coming out party” is evidence that Cionci’s and Acosta’s and Bugnolo’s and others’ work has gained traction in the world and especially the English speaking world.

    His “touching all bases” strategy to funnel confused but faithful laity back into the Establishment, aka anti-church, is tried and true. Think Trump’s Not-So-Obvious-Establishment role.

    Follow the money, power, and control of his “accomplices” and the “Traddie Traitor” talking heads, Voris, Matt, Marshall, Ferrara, Weston, etc…, as they amplify Vigano’s “rat poison”–98% good stuff surrounding the ‘elephant in the room’, namely, an official examination of the evidence.

    The Laity must roar and fight back against the two-pronged tactic: obvious anti-church and Not-So-Obvious anti-church. Just as Trump was not a messiah neither is Vigano.

  7. As long as Vigano, Schneider, Burke, Mueller etc. refuse to call out JB as an imposter antipope, heretic, apostate, crypto jew, they will have no right to the trust & support of the Catholic clergy or laity. They have been sidestepping their duty for over eight years & we couldn’t be in a more dangerous position as a result. Power & Money are dangerous desires especially when those displaying such cravings are themselves inept & biddable. The OHCA Church was instituted b y Christ to serve Him & His people. By naming Peter as the rock upon which He would build His Church & gave him the Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven, He made fast the rule that Peter & his successors (those elected Pope) would be in absolute charge & therefore accountable to Him under the title of Vicar of Christ (which JB ditched) but still lives on with PBXVI. The fact they have complicitly stayed mute on the question of Who is Peter & instead caved into synodality means they are playing political games instead of giving the leadership so urgently needed.

    I did read where Burke said the consecration needed to be done as it hadn’t been carried out according to Our Lady’s wishes but to my reckoning hasn’t done anything about bringing that about whil PBXVI still lives. Mueller has serious questions to answer on the Virgin Birth & the physical Resurrection of Christ before we can accept anything coming from his mouth. Trad Inc. got to Schneider & Vigano first & now play them to their own agenda which is aligned with Opus Dei who bought their private prelature. & who run many of our so-called Catholic websites. A shockingly grave situation faces us . As all sides scrambling for power have forgotten God we are left bereft except for prayer & trust in the Almighty. If our Churches close again we shall have hit rock bottom & there will be no escape.

  8. “Accept THE LORD build the House, they labor In vain who build it!” Psa. 126[127]:1. All that is of human wisdom and human motivation will have to be first abandoned before the Church without spot or wrinkle will be seen again .

      1. Ana, perhaps not. This waking up to this long planned Satanic attack upon the Church which is FINALLY being seen for what it is along with our growing awareness of the utter impotency of all our human wisdom and human efforts is the beginning of GOD’S PLAN to present Himself with a Church without spot or wrinkle before Our Lord’s Return. That purification that can only happen thru this trial is the very divine purpose of the Great Tribulation spoken of by Our Lord (Matt.24) and described more clearly in Revelation. This purification by trial will also lead to a final harvest of souls including the conversion of remnant Israel because the would will finally see God working in us. Why should this process take place in a period longer than what has been repeatedly identified as a 3 1/2 year Tribulation (Rev.11:2,3; 12:6; 13:5)? This needed purification will bring back in fullness what the early Church only partially experienced at Pentecost. See Joel Chapters 2-3! The Greatest period for the Church is just ahead!

  9. Great (and very skilled) speech by Mons. Carlo Maria Vigano’ on “Great Reset” in the world and in the Church! Could it mark a significant change in his position? Mons. Vigano in fact takes a decisive stand against the imposture of the false church of Bergoglio! Please note that Mons. Vigano’s exhortation to true Catholics is appreciable. However, there is little doubt that Mons. Vigano’s position remains highly ambiguous. Mons. Vigano’s current position is in fact inconsistent with what he himself stated only a few months ago. His statement expressed last January 31st in a letter published by Stylum Curiae was that JM Bergoglio is the reigning Pope as Vicar of Christ.
    THE CONTRADICTION IS GLARING! How could Bergoglio really be simultaneously the legitimate reigning pope and the usurper installed at the top of the Church by the Masonic Elite of the “Great Reset”?

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