As Catholics we should not be sitting around, we should be mounting our horses!

The Big Picture

by Mary Margaret McFarland*

Over and over again the phrase is repeated, “I just don’t understand” or “I am sure there must be a big picture, but I can’t imagine what it could be”. These phrases are of course in reference to all of the mayhem going on in the world. Take your pick…COVID-19, the COVID vaccine, the lockdowns and restrictions world-wide, the Global Elites promoting The Great Reset, the endless climate hysteria (global warming, global cooling, climate change), mass uncontrolled and unlimited migration, and even the increasing unrest and outright wars popping up around the globe.

We are “smart” society.

Any question you have can be answered in seconds by the phone/ computer in your pocket. We have access to endless amounts of data….or do we? We certainly have access to data that the Big Tech moguls want us to have. We have easy access to scientific data that is in accord with the doctrines of Global Climate Change, definitions of male and female sexuality and of course what defines COVID infection, where it came from and how the only true resolution will come from an mRNA “vaccine”…and its subsequent boosters. Could there be a big picture?Why have so many, for so long refused to figure it out?
Maybe we all just need a break! So let’s leave reality for a second….

Sit in a quiet theater (go ahead, imagine it a couple of years ago, so current fears leave your mind)…

The latest AVENGER’S flick is about to air. It is full of great characters, good acting, superb CGI, good tunes and a real escape. Woven into the story is the eternal struggle of good versus evil. We accept the premise. Generally, we root for the good and against the evil. The evil emanates from one character who has many henchmen (some willing, some not). The struggle is one of life and death. It is not hard to follow. It is intuitive…even when the actual evil character is not truly seen for several installments of the franchise. Come to think of it, the AVENGERS themselves are all flawed, but overcome flaws to do good. Ever stop and wonder where the good inside these characters came from? Ever wonder what Ultimate Good Thanos is railing against? Or why he rails against it?

Or, Remember the Harry Potter franchise?

It took the world by storm! Voldemort’s evil was woven into every episode. It was clear that good was going to have to ultimately confront evil. It was flatly stated that evil does not understand love. It was obvious that all evil desired was the destruction of family, of friendship, of truth and of love. (But from whence did truth, love, family and friendship come? Think about it, JK Rowling never said.)

The evil wizards were clearly miserable, hating everyone around them and only relishing the pain and misery they could cause others.

The battle lines were very clear. As much as the good wizards tried to just keep moving forward with their lives and schooling, the evil wizards kept pushing harder, hurting more people and making the world a darker, bleaker place.

Ultimately, a final showdown was required because evil will not stop. Good must stand in the light and stand for truth and love. When it does, although it suffers losses, it emerges victorious.

So, in the movies, we are able to acknowledge the life and death battle of good versus evil. We see that Evil has a definite but obscure source as well as many helpers and facilitators who insidiously and unrelentingly attack from countless directions seeking the annihilation of all. We do not doubt the existence and presence of Evil.

But what about the good? What about Ultimate Good? In the movies, Good (or God) is not mentioned or acknowledged (you might almost think It didn’t exist). In real life, the same phenomenon has occurred over the last 50-100 years. God has been marched out of the public square and silenced. It is acceptable (and in vogue) to have statues and temples to Satan, but forbidden to have any public display to or about God (think 10 Commandments, Nativity scenes, prayer in schools, etc). Do NOT think this is unintentional.

Come back to reality…It is June, 2021.

We have lived through a horrendous year and a half. We have been locked down, masked, contact traced, quarantined, social distanced, and torn apart from family, friends, work and life. Now we are being bullied and harassed to get a WarpSpeed “vaccine” that Big Pharma, the Media, the Tech giants and governments all over the world say is “Safe and Effective”.

However, countless stories of people dying or being seriously injured are being reported to VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System). (There have been more vaccine deaths reported to VAERS from December 2020 through April 2021 than in the 13 years prior!!) We have been told for the last 6 months that even if vaccinated, we would still need to be masked and social distance. (Which made no sense.). Now the powers that be tell us that we can unmask only if we are fully vaccinated. But they are also talking about booster shots… In the US, they are threatening (“looking seriously at”) vaccine passports. Many other countries around the world have already implemented vaccine passports. Many countries are still locked down or locking back down (Australia, Canada). No one can come or go for work or pleasure. Policies are becoming more draconian by the month.

Why can we recognize evil on the silver screen and not acknowledge it when it is right in front of us every day in real life?

Populations locked in their own homes and told they could not come out into the sunshine.

People told they needed to wear a mask even when by themselves or when outside. Making human beings into unwitting experimental subjects.

Telling people sick with Covid to “go home until you can’t breathe”.

Telling people there is no approved or safe early treatment for covid.

Telling the vaccine injured that the terrible debilitating reaction that occurred right after their vaccine was just a coincidence.

Why are they implementing all these inhuman, unscientific and cruel tactics?

If it was for our “good”, there would be no reason to de-platform people raising concerns. Instead, a rational, clear explanation could be given and a dialogue could occur. Coercion should not be needed, warranted, tolerated or even considered. Alas, it is the order of the day.

The science according to Fauci and the WHO would not continually change. Scientific and medical truth and facts have never before swung 180 degrees (repeatedly)! There is clearly a deeper agenda which MUST now be assumed to be nefarious. We are not the conspiracy theorists…we have uncovered their conspiracy!

While we may not be able to see the ultimate source from whence these orders come, their goal is certainly human subjugation and even human depopulation (a.k.a. Genocide). The “powers that be” are working together against all of humanity.

Who are some of the players?

the government (all levels, around the world)
the CDC, NIH and FDA
the WHO
the World Economic Forum
All corporate media
Bill Gates and the Gates Foundation
Anthony Faucci
many churches (including -shamefully- the majority of the hierarchy of the Catholic church)

Bill Gates himself said in a TED talk that if the vaccine rollout was effective, there would be a 10-15 percent drop in the population!!!

Jane Goodall (who recently spoke at the Vatican’s “Healthcare summit entitled “Exploring Mind, Body and Soul”) states the ideal population of the world should be 500 million (it is currently > 7.5 billion).

Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum has said after the Great Reset, that we will own nothing and like it. (Please notice, he did not say that HE would own nothing!)

They are all members of an evil cabal. They serve Satan. They do not know not how to love (and their actions show they hate all of “us” who are not part of their cabal). They, like Satan, have said “I will not serve” (God). They only know how to destroy. The demons want us all miserable and ultimately in Hell. Their current destruction plan includes killing you via “vaccine”, or driving you to despair and suicide.

Satan and his minions are in a massive, multi-level, worldwide campaign whose goal is to steal souls from God.

From the God that created you in His image and likeness.
Who formed you in your mother’s womb.
Who knows how many hairs are on your head.
Who loves you infinitely and wants nothing more than for you to know Him, love Him and serve Him in this world and in the next.
But the thing is, He will never force you to love Him.
He did show you how much He loves you, though.
He came down from heaven and became a man like us in all things but sin. He allowed Himself to be tortured and then crucified. He gave every last drop of His Most Precious Blood in atonement for our sins – even the ones we are committing today.
He rose on the third day. He opened the Gates of Heaven. He founded His Church to help people know The Way. He promised that the Gates of Hell would not prevail against it. But He told us to keep His Commandments and take up His yoke and follow Him.
He also said He would return. And He promised to sort the wheat from the chaff… He told us to be faithful, to be prepared and to watch for signs. There have been many signs…

Solar eclipses, celestial phenomenon which have been biblically prophesied, increasing numbers of earthquakes, and sudden volcanic eruptions from volcanoes which have not erupted in centuries.

Other signs/warnings come in the form of lying malicious statements made by supposedly “authoritative sources”. In scientific quarters, we see 180 degree shifting declarations of scientific “facts” and squashing of previously “unchanging” truths.

In the Catholic Church we have seen authorities with the audacity to claim authority to change the words and teachings of Jesus Christ!

The current occupant of the Bishopric of Rome has changed the words of the Our Father, has claimed that Jesus was in favor of homosexuality and divorce, and has stated that all can be saved – even people who are not even Christians! These are attacks against the BEDROCK foundational beliefs of Christianity and the Catholic Church.

So the world is coming apart at the seams and almost everyone has just been sitting back and watching it happen! Nature is crying out against the Evil. Truths from time immemorial are being shredded. Evil is about to destroy a huge swath of humanity and for many it’s almost as if they are watching a movie….and not about to fall off the cliff in real life!!!

So what to do? If there is a Big Picture, how are we to proceed?

Perhaps one more story(made many times into movies), that of The Maid of Orleans. There was another very desperate time almost 600 years ago…Evil was rampant, war and pestilence were ongoing, people were disheartened, and God seemed far away. Joan of Arc was a 16 year old uneducated Catholic girl from a backwater in France. She was the spark that re-animated the dispirited citizens and armies of France whom she led (as a General!) to win many battles during the One Hundred Years War.

She was simply fearless.

She was completely faithful to God.

For her faithfulness and fearlessness, she was convicted of heresy and threatened with death by a traitorous (but legitimate) Catholic Bishop and a group of corrupt judges. Nevertheless, Joan of Arc did not waiver. Because she would not waiver, she was turned over to secular authorities and burned at the stake. Today she is recognized as a Saint for her heroic fortitude and her unparalleled courage.

She has been one of my continual inspirations over the years and I believe she should be an inspiration to all of us against this worldwide cabal that wants us dead and deprived of God’s love and friendship.

The following are some of St. Joan of Arc’s most famous quotes:

“One life is all we have and we live it as we believe. But to surrender who you are and live without belief is more terrible than dying – even more terrible than dying young.”
“Go forward bravely. Fear nothing. Trust in God; all will be well.”
“All battles are first won or lost in the mind.”

“I am not afraid, I was born to do this.”

PLEASE. There is a Big Picture, and we all a part of it.
We MUST get up…We MUST take heart and have courage.
We MUST fight back against the Evil in our midst.


* Mary Margaret McFarland is a cradle Catholic who grew up in the Novus Ordo, but found home in her Traditional Catholic parish. She is a front line medical worker, wife, mother, and homesteader in Texas.

CREDITS: The Featured Image is a detail of Emmanuel Fremiet’s Joan of Arc, visible at the Cleveland Museum of Art, and used here with permission.

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7 thoughts on “As Catholics we should not be sitting around, we should be mounting our horses!”

  1. Our horse are the prayers to Archangel Michael.

    This I pray daily:
    In the name of the Christ I call to Archangel Michael for the final physical judgment of bill, melinda gates, george soros, henry kissinger, anthony fauci, bill, hillary clinton, the rockefellers, the rothschilds, the bilderbergers, the illuminati, klaus schwab, sigrid kaag, mark rutte, hugo de jonge, mark zuckerberg, steven van gucht, marc van ranst, angela merkel,
    christian drosten, mario draghi, jorge bergoglio, emmanuel macron, boris johnson, charles winsor, justin trudeau, kim jung un, erdohan, mbs, the chinese communist leaders, jacinda ardern, scott morrison, ursula von der leyen, frans timmermans, stella kyriakides, ab osterhaus, sebastian kurtz, christine lagard, the who-leadership, the big pharmafirms pfizer, biontech, astra zeneca, johnson and johnson, gsk, moderna, bayer, monsanto, the worldbank- and u.n. leadership, nancy pelosi, adam schiff.
    Nevertheless, not my will, but Thine be done.
    In Jesus’ name, Amen.

  2. The above article is great. There is a bigger picture to it. For one the reason for all these things happening is because Satan wants to be popular the world. In a sense to win over more souls onto his side. Which God will not allow. He will be defeated as mentioned in the holy scriptures. We are in the end times and the time for the arrival of the Antichrist is very near and then the Second coming of our Lord is also close. Which is the big picture and the reason for this godless behaviour and communism to penetrate every nation is since the consecration of Russia was not done as requested by Our Blessed mother. The Fatima, La salette, Garbandal prophecies are coming to its fulfillment now.

  3. Not to imply that this is insignificant, but I would say that most of us will not have any role to play in world events outside of prayer and discernment as to who to believe and who to follow. Joan of Arc was called by God in an extraordinary way. Her vocation was singular to herself and according to God’s designs. In confronting the evil of this world we need God’s help. In responding to evil we must also listen for God’s call to action and then, be faithful to it.

  4. A type of the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart and ascension to the throne of the Great French Monarch. 🙏

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