LifeSite News and the SSPX have a conflict of interest

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5 thoughts on “LifeSite News and the SSPX have a conflict of interest”

  1. I know LSN is associated with Opus Dei but I didn’t know SSPX were also involved. People who donate to LSN directly should be informed of this but aren’t. It’s like the CC spending all our donations given for the upkeep of our parish churches, schools & priests on lawyers, court cases & victims compensation without asking permission. In other words they stole our money for other purposes. When we make donations of any kind that is what they should be spent on – they don’t automatically become the property of the PP, Bishops etc. to do what they like with them. Collected money is given for a specific purpose & the same applies to apostolates as well. If LSN are also connected with Trad Inc. this would make their deviousness even greater & more worrying – as Satan likes to play both sides of the coin. All collectors of money towards charitable works should have to submit to annual audits which should be published & open to checking by anyone at any time, otherwise there is always a story to be had.

  2. Please tell us how it is either known or suspected that SSPX is somehow connected to Opus Dei. The commenter above states this, but not sure where it came from. This would indeed be distressing.

    1. Steve Jalsevac, a founding member of LSN, told me in no uncertain terms that their greatest donor was Opus Dei & they would not tolerate (paraphrasing) any dessenting comments. It was in response to an article on Opus Dei in which I recounted cases of child abuse, including an ongoing one, which makes them personas non grata in Spain.

      1. So LSN and Church Militant are both Opus Dei funded or backed. What is going on between them, an internal war in the Opus Dei? or a staged public fight to distract us all? Opus Dei has also acquired strong influence over ETWN and has ties to Taylor Marshall.

  3. It looks as if they are all linked to Trad Inc. & backing Abp. Vigano whose self isolation is now becoming boring. Their Munich meeting including Professor Mattei & Alexander Tschugguel (Pachamama thrower & Austrian convert from Lutheranism) with Abp. Vigano fell flat. Mattei is closely connected with Lepanto Institute & 1P5 who have been taken over by Crisis Magazine was also a Trad.Inc. member, I can’t see anything good coming from such an alignment.

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