2 thoughts on “ONLY Racists would say Hitler and Zuckerberg were alike*”

  1. I have always instinctively found the word “terminate” used with people as subjects to be repulsive.

    I first heard it referring to trains terminating at stations. The sense of incompleteness or non finality is evident. We know instinctively that the train will not be destroyed at the terminal, but will quite likely just be reconfigured to return where it came from, rerouted to another terminal station, or occasionally be taken to maintenance depots for cleaning, maintenance etc.

    I next heard it referring to abortions. Abort and terminate being increasingly detached ways of saying “kill”. Relating to the soul, we Catholics and many others know that it is indestructible. But in regard to this earthly body, this “termination” is utter destruction.

    I then heard it in the American employment context, along with fire. These I find particularly objectionable given that the same people who got us to accept terminate meaning to kill, also got us to accept it meaning to end an employment contract. (Fire I find even worse, alluding to cooking, shooting, cremation or everlasting punishment.)

    In the UK employment context, the usual formal term was dismiss. (DJ Trump was successful promoting “You’re fired” with his TV show The Apprentice much later.)

    A later meaning I heard was in relation to a time traveling cyborg contract killer.

    Seeing Zuckerberg talk of terminating employees has finally enabled me to join the dots.

    The luciferians have successfully normalised language that relates to contracts we have with them and each other to be fully interchangeable with language that relates to killing, destruction of our bodies and eternal punishment.

  2. For clarification on my earlier comment,

    I first heard of and read about termination of contracts around the same time as hearing and reading of termination as a euphemism for killing unborn babies.

    This of course is a longstanding, correct and legitimate application of the word terminate.

    What I was referring to and I object to is the usage as by Zuckerberg of terminating someone, not terminating their contract.

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