The Mystery behind Pope Benedict XVI’s Resignation — A Video Documentary

This highly professional, 45 minute documentary is in Italian, but English subtitles will be available by D Day: Sunday, June 6th. It has been in the making for 9 months and launches tonight in Italy.  — It sets out all the facts and lets the reader decide. It will be a battering ram to the Mafia of St. Gallen. — The production company is anonymous to protect their careers from the Cancel Culture. — Share it everywhere!

Here is another Italian version, this time on Youtube:
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7 thoughts on “The Mystery behind Pope Benedict XVI’s Resignation — A Video Documentary”

  1. Love it–D-Day!! Storming the beaches of Big Tech via the underground of the people’s networks.

    We are the news.

    Share it via email, cell phone, youtube, rumble, bitchute, as well as

  2. Not only did Pope Benedict XVI not renounce the “munus” on February 11, 2013, he did not renounce ANYTHING as of February 11, 2013. The 1983 Code of Canon Law does not have a provision or mechanism by which a pope or anyone else can designate a future date and time on which the “munus” and/or “ministerium” of the papacy would be “expired,” or upon which an “abdication” would take effect. No one abdicated on February 11, 2013, and no one abdicated on February 28, 2013.

  3. I get the feeling that the Resignation letter was written by a non-church functionary (probably of Masonic training) who knows little bit of Latin and it was handed over to the Pope to be read under duress. Hence, the reason for the many (40+) mistakes in Latin grammar construction, also pointed out on this site.
    The body language (face) of the Pope while reading this important document is not one of peace of soul and mind on voluntarily relinquishing but one of anguish; he looks puzzled (at the language), surprised (at himself) and pained.
    At some future date we can expect the actual writer of this convoluted document to reveal himself for his own peace of mind and crying for the salvation of his soul for having done such nefarious work on behalf of his master –whoever he is/they are. Probably the St Galan Mafia in a hurry to depose the Pope and have a person of their in place. Proof is in the pudding !

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